Saturday, March 03, 2007

Michelle Malkin Would Make a Great Fag Hag

I don't always agree with Michelle Malkin. I think she tries a little too hard to be Miss All-America, but honestly, I think her misguided heart is in the right place. Like most Americans, she's worried about her country and thinks that a hardline approach is the only solution to our problems, both at home and abroad.

And while she is staunchly anti-gay-marriage, she's not into hate speech. Unlike Ann Coulter, who had this to say about John Edwards yesterday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC):

"It turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word 'faggot' [...] so I can't really talk about John Edwards."

Instead of applauding her fellow conservative, Michelle Malkin blasted Coulters unabashed bigotry:

"[Referring to the audience's reaction to Coulter's comment] A smattering of laughter. Not from this corner."

Now this got me to thinking about two scenarios:

The first involves me, Michelle and some martinis here in Chelsea and a dance-off at Bank. Michelle and I will call each other Gook, Spic, Faggot and Cunt and probably make out in a cab ride back to her hotel room where we'll order champagne, watch the Golden Girls and wake out a crumpled mess and ready for brunch.

And that's because I think Michelle Malkin could be a gay guy's best friend if she left her suburban bubble in Virginia and spent some time with fun gays who are as concerned about this country as she is, but don't have a stick up their butt about it. (Insert cheap gay joke here)

The second scenario involves Ann Coulter coming to Chelsea and calling me a faggot. Make no mistake, I would grab that bitch's hair and make her eat every last strand of her hideous peroxide blond locks. Now some faggots might like Ann Coulter's brand of hate mongering but not me. Those "conservative" faggots who applaud her and George Bush and Dick Cheney deserve their moniker and every last insult spewed at them by their party of choice.

So kudos to Michelle Malkin for earning a gold star for the conservatives this weekend. And hell, here's a gold star for Ann Coulter, she may have spared us from a Mormon President with her endorsement of Mitt Romney.


Gene said...

August 20, 2004, Malkin on Hardball with Matthews. Here's the link:

(How do you guys get underlined links and italics in these comments?)

I watched this exchange between Malkin and Matthews. I find it difficult to find her credible after that performance.

You may be correct. Time will tell.

ThatGayConservative said...

Can you find me one "conservative faggot" who applauded what she said?

As for myself, I don't particularly care what she said.

James Henry Bailey said...

You have no moral compass.

Let me make sure I get this right:

When Ann Coulter calls John Edwards a faggot, it's NOT cool. But you call gay republicans faggots, that IS cool.

Also- how come you actually think violence against someone is justified if they simply call you a name, but not when it comes to real enemies who attck your country and try to kill you??

ThatGayConservative said...

When Ann Coulter calls John Edwards a faggot, it's NOT cool. But you call gay republicans faggots, that IS cool.

Consider the double standard that a black can call another black nigger, but a white person can't. I'm not wild about any other term besides gay or homosexual myself (regardless who says it), but in the grand scheme of things, I really don't care.

Perhaps I should care, right? I mean the libs are supposed to be all worried all the time about who's offended. If I said I was offended by faggot, by their rules they should stop using it themselves. But then again, liberals could care less if a conservative is offended.

Berdo said...


Kudos to you for approaching this post with nuance...Michelle Malkin - and many other conservatives - roundly denounced Coulter's bigotry.

I always had a hard time figuring Coulter out. She's smart - her columns can be very sharp - but then she destroys it all with naked bigotry in the most offensive terms...bigotry I doubt she really holds to. It's clear to me now that she does this to sell books - but this idiot still has to look at herself in the mirror every morning and live with that. Clearly, she doesn't have a problem with it.

TGC and JHB...this is an easy one. Coulter is at best an amoral opportunist willing to denigrate entire groups of people to make a buck. At worst, she's an anti-gay bigot. Either way, you don't have to be a gay man to see that and to speak up about it.

James Henry Bailey said...

Berdo- I never suggested that the response was unwarranted. I agree that her language should be denounced by the left and the right. My point was that gay(conservative)liberal loses all credibility when his response to a hateful comment like that is to threaten her with violence AND to call any homosexual who sides with the Republicans a Faggot.

It is typical of the far left to denounce racism and homophobia but constantly employ racist and homophobic methods to promote their own agenda.

Based on gay(conservative)liberal's post, I doubt very much that Michelle Malkin would want to spend any time with him. She would NEVER employ the hateful speech that he used in his post.

Berdo said...

JHB - I hear you - I did not know GCL has said those things...unless I skimmed this particular post too quickly to catch it.

I have been very critical of GCL in the past for calling people out only as a factor of partisanship, not principle.

GayConservativeLiberal said...

So, love my readers as I do, why the hell are you all coming down on me for calling Ann Coulter a bitch and for calling any gay person who supports her brand of hate a faggot?

I reserve the term for odious gays who knowingly do harm to their fellow gays.

Further, allow me room for hyperbole on this blog, please. I was just "inspired" and wrote what I would do to Ann if she called me a faggot. I'd never hit a woman. (Insert obvious joke about Ann's feminity and perhaps mine here).

As for Michelle Malkin hangin with me, stranger things have happened. Brown people gotta stick together :-P

ThatGayConservative said...

Did anybody else notice that she didn't actually call Edwards a faggot?

The point is why do you care if she did call him a faggot? Are you scarred for life? Are you going to give a flying shit a week from now? Are you losing sleep over it?

Why do you LET other people offend you? Grow up, grow some balls and get over yourself.

James Henry Bailey said...

allow me room for hyperbole on this blog, please. I was just "inspired" and wrote what I would do to Ann if she called me a faggot.

Fine. As long as you allow Ms Coulter the same courtesy.

In fact, the comment Ann made was an eloquent denounciation of the increasingly out-of-control state of political correctness in this country.

ThatGayConservative said...

You'll note she didn't directly say that he was a faggot. As JHB pointed out, she was making a comment on PC and also on the hypocrisy of the liberal left.

Gene said...

Well, this meme is so far in the past, perhaps no one will see it. At any rate, trying to return to Malkin, did any of you see the mention of Malkin at this site ?

It seems a former gay "erotic" model is was a mini-hero at the last conservative PAC conference.

I haven't gone to Malkin's blog to check her comment, but a link is available.

If this works, thanks again to TGC and JHB.