Thursday, April 12, 2007

Take THAT, Imus

From CNN: MSNBC has canceled its "Imus in the Morning" simulcast, the network announced Wednesday.
The decision comes after remarks deemed racist and sexist that radio talk-show host Don Imus made last week about the Rutgers University women's basketball team prompted a number of advertisers to drop the program. MSNBC will stop airing the program immediately.

Now, a lot of white people are going to cry foul here and say that Imus, who's gotten into loads of trouble in the past for his ignorant, lowest common denominator rantings, is a victim of our hypersensitive PC society.
Clearly, people just need to laugh a little more when the words "nappy-headed hos" are used to describe black women.

Or not.

And before someone out there throws the "pimps and hos are rampant in urban music" argument in my face, let me remind you that these are words used to describe pimps and hos, not educated women of color who happen to be athletes.

Imus' words are so laden with the vehement hostility toward the advancement of people of color that it's no wonder so many white people have come to his defense -- that's because many, many white people would like nothing more than to see minorities in their proper, invisible, place. Not running for President, not serving as Secretary of State, not crying "foul" when the government tries to criminalize groups who come to this country in search of a better life.

It's been said that Imus is an equal-opportunity offender, as if that's some sort of excuse for his nonsense brand of commentary. I realize that I'm a nobody blogger, but I'm called to task for every last comment I make on this site and I'm obligated to present facts, or my best interpretation of the facts, if I so dare to make a disparaging comment about anyone. A public figure like Imus deserves the scrutiny and the very public humiliation he's going through for his reckless, hateful behavior.


Berdo said...


Even you can't possibly believe the bull you just put up there. I also believe Imus should have been fired. I never liked him. What he said this time, frankly, is no different than the crap he spews all day long. Only this time, it was the African-American community that was offended. Let me assure you he has been at least as offensive to other groups as well.

But rap songs referring to pimps and hos - and only pimps and hos - not regular women? COME ON! GET SERIOUS!! Most rap songs refer to EVERY woman as ho’s and bitches and sluts and generally as sperm banks. YOU KNOW THIS! Don't even try to tell me you don't. You may have no problem with it. You may make the case that it’s just a song, a fantasy, not reality, etc. But you can’t possibly think that the rap songs delicately splice out ‘respectable’ women from prostitutes. Please, GCL. Spare us.

But even more importantly, why, when anyone offends the Black community, to they have to pass muster with Al Sharpton of all people? The sight is so gross to me, it's difficult to comprehend. This racist, anti-semite, race-baiter is worse than any of the losers who grovel at his feet. Crown Heights. Tawana Brawley. “White Interlopers”. “Diamond merchants”. Freddie's Fashion Mart...shall I go on? One more...he's a long-time supporter of Louis of the most racist, anti-semitic pieces of #$#@ this country has to offer. And the liberal left elevates Sharpton to the post of gatekeeper of political correctness? The epitome of color blind purity?

It's all enough to make any thinking person gag.

James said...

Choosing to look at this issue alone and not cloud it with who else did this and that, I don't think the federal communication system should be used to denegrate any minority. If an example has to be made our of Imus, so be it. 141 years, or 2 generations ago, black people were being shipped over in chains. Somehow, I don't think any of us should be laughing.

ThatGayConservative said...

but I'm called to task for every last comment I make on this site and I'm obligated to present facts, or my best interpretation of the facts, if I so dare to make a disparaging comment about anyone.

Oh bullshit! You told me that blacks can't get anywhere in life without liberals. When I took you to task by informing you what a disgusting bigot you are, you ran and hid (as per usual) for a few days.

BTW, who is it that characterizes Rice as Brown Sugar, Aunt Jemimah, and House Servant? The libs. Who referred to NYC as "Hymietown"? The Revrennnnnd Jacksonnnnn (a lib). Who was it who started riots inciting violence against Jews? Al Sharpton (a lib).

Furthermore, it was a lib who made a comment about the Rutgers team. He's also made many, many racist remarks in the past and still managed to have any number of libs come on his show on a regular basis.

The fact is that the libs are the biggest racist bigots you'll find anywhere.

Gene said...

Has old saw, "The best defense is a good offense," has been changed to "The best defense is a shrill offense?"

The debate about disrespectful languge--at least there's one in the media--is good. One hopes for less disrespect in the future.

Expediency sometimes makes for questionable choices.

While stipulating to excesses on the part of some liberals, I remember that the "Southern Strategy," which was ultimately racist at its core, was started by Goldwater and then refined by Nixon--and I voted for each of them. (I stand by the Goldwater vote, not Nixon's.)

It is also good to remember that when one is asked a question, one has the option to answer as one sees fit. Silence is an option.

Agape. said...

but I'm called to task for every last comment I make on this site and I'm obligated to present facts, or my best interpretation of the facts, if I so dare to make a disparaging comment about anyone.

You may very well think that you are called to task for all of your hateful statements on this blog- I could not possibly agree- but nobody threatens to silence you and destroy your life!

BTW- On the day that Imus was fired he raised $3 Million for his charity! Thanks to this fiasco, do you think the children, most with terminal diseases, residing at his ranch are going to be better off?

Be honest- you would not even know about the comments Imus made unless the right-wing bloggers used it to show the hypcoricy of the left- the comments were made on Thursday and the all out assault did not begin until Monday.

CNN, especially Soledad O'Brian, made it a personal goal to prove that nobody is safe from the thought and speech police!

--In fact, the entire media establishment was falling over themselves (Gene, keep your snarky grammar comments to yourself) because they FINALLY had a racial slur they could print!! Thanks to the PC police, the news media could not print or utter "nigger" or "sugar-tits". But Soledad has said "Nappy headed 'ho's" at least 50 times this week (I know because I am trapped in NYC this week in a hotel that only has CNN available). Should she be fired?

ThatGayConservative said...

So when is James gonna crawl out from under his desk to be "called to task"?

Racist bigot!

James: But I can't be a racist bigot because I'm Hispanic!

YEAH! Good luck with that one.