Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beauty Queens, Bloggers, Hos- We're All Entitled to an Opinion

I should have jumped on the story sooner, but seeing as people are still hot over the gay marriage slapfest that ensued at the Miss USA pageant, there's room for my opinion on the matter.

Here's what went down: At this past weekend's Miss USA pageant, celeb blogger Perez Hilton asked Miss California, Carrie Prejean, if she thought other states in the union should legalize gay marriage. Prejean responded that, while everyone has a right to choice in this country, she personally believes marriage should be limited to a man and a woman - and she made it very clear that she meant no offense to anyone.

How nice.

While it's certainly not the right answer to give a gay man when you're dressed like a drag queen, hers was an honest answer and she is entitled to her opinion. And so is the self-proclaimed queen of all media, Perez, who took the web immediately after the pageant to call Prejean a "dumb bitch." That's Perez, that's his brand, he will shout you out and draw a penis on your mouth. Why are we all shocked by his behavior now?

Surprisngly, CNN and Fox News have both come out against Perez, saying that his attack on Prejean was unfair. Who would have thought that sequins and some salty language would bring the two networks together?

Personally, I think both Perez and Prejean should be applauded for being candid about their beliefs. Of course I think Prejean is prejudiced and ignorant, but hey, this is a free country and she's entitled to her opinion.

Let's not forget: Bush, Obama and the Clintons all agree that marriage should be limited to a man and a woman. So our liberal champions haven't really done the gay community much good on this issue either.

What's really got the press and the public in a frenzy is a well-orchestrated stunt pulled off by Perez. Bravo to him and the spotlight he's cast on the issue - if only it were so easy for me to wrangle the media.

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