Monday, June 08, 2009

Spotted: GCL at Queens Pride

Hop the 7 train to Jackson Heights in Queens and you'll find, amid the mash-up of South American and Asian stores and ads for American brands in anything but English, an outer-borough version of Chelsea. There's room for everyone in this part of the city, Colombians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, and yes, the gays.

So it's fitting that between the rowhouses and empanadas there should be a five block long festival of boys and girls in various states of undress celebrating gay pride. Church-going families scurried past the drag queens, and other passer-by stopped, looked around, and went about their business. Under the tracks of the 7 train, the gays poured out of local hotspots Atlantis and Friends Bar and into family-owned restaurants like Mario's and Mi Pequena Colombia, all of which were adorned with rainbow flags. Some shots below:

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Jay Martin Williams said...

Jiggly Caliente was amazing!