Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guns at the Town Hall: Healthcare Protestors Crossing a Dangerous Line

Let's call the fringe element on the right that is hosting tea parties and disrupting town hall meetings on healthcare what they really are: a lynch mob. Healthcare and wasteful spending be damned, these nut jobs want to string our black President up a tree. And they'll think of any reason to undo the results of last November's election.

The healthcare debate has everyone in a tizzy and many questions remain unanswered or half-answered by un-truths. Everyone I know is confused about why Obama's plan would or would not work. But one thing remains clear: some folks on the right want an all out war with the President, and they're showing up to their demonstrations with guns slung over their shoulders. Second Amendment my foot, these people think America has forgotten how the Klan used to intimidate people of color simply by showing up outside their churches and other gathering spots with guns. We all know the message these people are sending Americans: let us handle the Negro.

Am I playing the race card too soon? Am I over-reacting? Am I ignoring the fact that there are people who are rightfully angry about wasteful spending?

No, no, and no.

Where the hell were these fiscal conservatives when George Bush kept asking for hundreds of billions of dollars for the war in Iraq? Why do these people love that our government spends billions, if not trillions, on war but when the issue of healthcare comes up everyone wants to grab an abacus and make sure no one's precious tax dollars are spent on penicillin for kids or proper nursing for the elderly?

There are some people in life that one will never win over. President Obama will never win over the far right and that's fine. And while it's up to all of us to inform ourselves on the intricacies of the healthcare debate, this issue now takes a back seat to the fact that the President's safety is in danger. Many of us who voted for President Obama have feared for his life and this new trend of showing up armed to supposedly peaceful gatherings is setting a dangerous precedent. I say turn the hose on these loons and set their houses on fire. Or, remain vigilant - I hope the White House is keeping close tabs on these people. For everyone's sake.


Anonymous said...

"A man carries a military style AR-15 rifle during an Obama opposition rally in Phoenix." I would agree with your post except for this picture. The man is black.

ThatGayConservative said...

And how many stories did we see of people carrying guns BEFORE union goons assaulted a black man and Seasoned Citizens? And what of the SEIU members carrying guns? Are they racist bigots too?

People understood the necessity of war. What they don't understand is why we need more government involvement in health care when they're responsible for a lot of the higher costs in the first place.

With respect, Dave, that's a pretty damned despicable and irresponsible post. I'd be ashamed if I had written it.

ThatGayConservative said...

And then a man claiming to be a white supremacist turns out to be black:


And before you go the usual libtard tizzy about Fox News, you might note the Associate (with terrorists) Press note there in the dateline.

Then there's the matter of Maurice Schwenkler, a liberal who vandalized the Dem HQ in Denver:


And he/she is a radical gay to boot:


And that death threat to Rep. Baird? Turns out that's liberal BULLSHIT too:


Sorta like the BULLSHIT when black liberals were hanging nooses around college campi just to stir shit up.

Sorta like the BULLSHIT of Mike Nifong and the Duke Lacrosse Team.

I'll be waiting for your apology for your BULLSHIT post.

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