Saturday, September 30, 2006

Clinton Interviewed on Fox News Sunday

Watch Bill Clinton sock it to Chris Wallace from the Fox News Channel. While I've made the argument that there probably was more the Clinton administration could have done regarding AlQaeda, I do like that Bill all but calls the FNC a propaganda machine. Brilliant!

**Thanks Jenny for forwarding this to me.

full transcript here:


Drew said...

Clinton totally pwned him!

ThatGayConservative said...

While the two of you get all wet fantasizing that it was you instead of Monica, the reality is that he lied his ass off to America AGAIN. Just remember that whenever he's waging his finger like that, he's lying his ass off to you and you and his bitches in the MSM are giving him a pass.

Wallace "owned" him by daring to ask a hard question instead of the softballs he's used to. He responded by modifying history to fit his failed "legacy".

Note also that when he fooled around with Monica, the MSM covered for him be claiming that oral sex wasn't sex.
When he lied about it, they covered for him by declaring that it's OK to lie.
When he went apeshit on Chris Wallace, they covered for him by declaring that it's OK to go apeshit on people.

See a pattern?

Worse than that, Richard Clarke's book (which I doubt he read) makes him out to be the lying sack that he is.

He lies his ass off and now your creaming your shorts for him. How fucking sad is that?

GayConservativeLiberal said...

First off TGC, I hate that MSM's code for "any news outlet besides Fox News."

Second of all, that a Fox News reporter is now the White House Press Secretary just goes to show the dubious relationship between the FNC and the GOP.

Bringing up Monica is lame. Bill Clinton engaged in an extramarital affair. Bad man, not a bad President. And yes, he lied about it. But George Bush has lied about the threat that Iraq posed to us and meanwhile none of the 9-11 hijackers came from Iraq and Saudi Arabia is still laughing at us by having wanton access to our leader and the White House.

Finally, I have gone after Bill Clinton and said that his administration could have done more against Al Qaeda, but W and his people had almost two years into their reign of terror to do something about it as well and they didn't.

What was W focusing on for all that time, in the midst of his abysmal popularity ratings pre 9-11?

TGC said...

You're absolutely right. Dan Blather would have made a much better press secretary. You might be on to something there except that the previous guys weren't from Fox. Could it be that they liked his style better? Nah. There has to be a conspiracy there.

I brought up Monica to point out how the MSM rushes to excuse anything BJ does so as not to tarnish his "legacy". They still haven't explained why lord BJ pardoned terrorists.

But George Bush has lied about the threat that Iraq posed to us

So when Hussein called for attacks on American interests and was actively recruiting suicide bombers, that's not a threat? Further, Huessein was attacking American & British planes almost daily. Last I saw, that's an act of war. That's not a threat to you?

and meanwhile none of the 9-11 hijackers came from Iraq

WTF difference does it make where they came from? Would you consider those al-Qaeda members like Johnny Lindh, Abdul Rahman Yasin (who was living in Iraq) who were born in America to be less of a threat?

Jeez GCL. You're coming across as a tool and a little bitch for lord BJ. I don't think you're that stupid.