Sunday, September 03, 2006

Islam - Get it NOW

Wacko Americans converting to Islam and wanting to blow up the world is really nothing new. There was the Padilla situation of 2002 and the subsequent revelation of terrorist cliques in Miami, Seattle and even Buffalo.

But a new tape making the rounds on
CNN and Fox News features an American citizen named Adam Gadahn inviting the world to embrace Islam, "Decide today, because today could be your last day."

Wouldn't that be the best tagline for the Barney's Co-op sale?

Anyway, this latest entry in the endless global narrative on terror intrigues me because it's the first time I'm hearing of terrorists giving us a choice regarding our fate. Until recently we've been getting warning upon warning that our end was upon us, but now we can actually spare ourselves. Or so we're told.

I know the Fox reporters who were released recently were forced to "convert" to Islam, but is a mass conversion to Islam really, ultimately, what Al Qaeda wants?

I don't think so.

If Al Qaeda really wanted the world to embrace Islam they would have used their bottomless pit of cash to just buy Americans into submission and there wouldn't have been a need for 9-11.

This latest video just goes to show that the organization itself is falling apart. Which means more trouble for the U.S. What we're going to face now are terror-prosepectors who are going to take bin Laden's radical message and adopt it to whatever other homicidal tendencies they may have to carry out endless and unorganized attacks on civilians.

Bill Maher was on Larry King recently and he made an excellent point: police work, and not war, is what is going to save lives. I agree with that. It was police investigation that thwarted the air-terror plot out of London last month and it's that same kind of sleuthing that crunched down on the terror cell that wanted to blow up the Sears Tower earlier this summer.

You can't negotiate with terrorists, but I'm willing to work something out with W to make the Patriot Act our real weapon against terror if he's willing to start pulling out of the Middle East.


ThatGayConservative said...

Thing is that if you prove that you're not a "paper tiger" and won't pussy out like BJ did in the Mog, you ultimately have less of a need for the policing.
If we pussy out in Iraq, we'll be proving it even more. In other words, we'll be giving them exactly what they want and giving them validation in the process.

You think the world hates us now, you ain't seen nothing.

Red Tulips said...

Conservative Liberal:

I noticed you took Culture for All off your links list! I hope it is not because you stopped liking it, and was really because I have not been updating it. :-p


I totally agree with you here, and agree with Bill Maher in general. I am often struck by how much I agree with Bill Maher - he is one of the few people out there who make eminent sense. It was great to see Penn Jillette on his show - two of the comedians who really know how to tell it like it is. :-)

GRT said...

In "The Fog of War" we were reminded that after we'd lost 20,000 dead in Vietnam LBJ argued that we couldn't withdraw from Vietnam because it would mean those 20,000 had died in vain. Our final tally was over 55,000 dead.

Recent news reports indicate some success with "pacifying" the Dora section of Baghdad by using a lot of troops. There was a commensurate upsurge of deaths in provinces from which the soldiers were deployed to Baghdad.

While thatgayconservative is totally correct in his concept that we mustn't "pussy" out, the question is how to extricate ourselves with some success and not further inflame the situation. Unfortunately, we sort of "p-ed" in, with insufficient troops to guarantee the peace.

Islamofascism is real and a danger; we must not forget that. We must, however, find more effective tools for fighting it than the ones we are using now.

ThatGayConservative said...

We must, however, find more effective tools for fighting it than the ones we are using now.

We need to quit pussy footing around, lose our White Guilt and project ourselves and our power.

GRT said...

Yes. 200,000 more troops on the ground in Iraq; re-instate the draft, with no deferments; gas rationing to starve the Saudi beast which is funding terrorism; tax increases which will pay for the war...unless we're not serious about being in World War Three.