Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What America Needs: Compassion

...we're all born with it but it's beaten out of us by the time we reach kindergarten.
I know America's children need health care and education, but if our leaders took a refresher course in the most basic of human values, I think this culture war, and other battles we're so embroiled in, would fall to the wayside.
Check out this article from Jane Meredith Adams, a reporter for, featured on CNN.

And you don't need to embrace the problems of the Third World to show your humanity and decency, you don't even have to jump in front of a speeding train to show the world you're a decent person. But allowing everyone to live their best life and accepting that in spite of differences everyone is entitled to love, happiness, freedom and health, you're setting in motion the phenomenon of compassion.
And that's what we all need right now.


James said...

Since when is anyone entitled to love, happiness, and health?? The only entitlement we have is the freedom to pursue love, happiness, health, wealth, family, things, peace of mind, etc. Our government was charged with protecting that single freedom!

Also, I do not personally know a single person who had their compassion beat out of them before kindergarten or at any stage in their life. Why do liberals always see the world as such a dreary place?

James said...

Maybe you need more friends James. I happens all the time. That's how bully's are made.

James said...

Huh? I am not sure I see the logic there: Because I don't know anyone who is not compassionate, I should acquire more friends? I assume you are suggesting that I should look to make friends with people who are not compassionate? I think I will pass.

My point was simple: The world full of compassionate people. I dare say 99% of the world's population are caring people. GCL's statement that compassion is "beaten out of us by the time we reach kindergarten", I think, is a gross exageration, and a sad one at that. Of course some people lose their compassion. But certainly not "all of us".

Again, why do liberals view the world as such a dreary place?

ThatGayConservative said...

Again, why do liberals view the world as such a dreary place?

Because they're miserable, dreary people and desire everybody to be just as miserable as they are.

Gene said...

There's an old Molly Ivens joke (I read it first in one of her columns, but it might have been around long before Molly told it), which goes something like this:

A country lawyer told a new associate, "Never put someone on the jury whose lips pucker tighter than a chicken's ass."

Now. Just which side of the aisle has more such lips, the right (Phyllis Schlafley) or the left (Julia Roberts)?

Liberals see possibilities; neo-conservatives see danger to their pocketbook. (The Republican conservatives of the mid-twentieth century have been pushed out of the picture, but they're trying for a comeback.)


JHB said...

I don't get the chicken lips reference.

But it's fair to say (though you put a negative spin on it) that conservatives trust capitalism and the free market. Although It's also fair to say that they are less concerned with their own pocketbooks than their individual liberties.

But, if Liberals see possibilities, how does that square with the offending statement (i.e. "we all get our compassion beat out of us by kindergarten")? I would really like to hear the Gay (conservative) Liberal defend his statement.

-PS. I changed my ID from James to JHB.

ThatGayConservative said...

I have to question what "possibilities" liberals see other than raising taxes, screwing everybody sideways and equal misery.