Thursday, July 05, 2007

Live Earth and other Noble Pursuits

I love a good show. And I happen to love Madonna. And I also love Al Gore. But something about this Live Earth global fiasco seems like more of a marketer's wet dream than a vehicle to stimulate responsible treatment of the earth's resources.

What's not sitting well with me is the spectacle of conscientiousness that is behind run of the mill self aggrandizing of Hollywood's glitterati. I have a hard time believing that Kanye West, the biggest megalomaniac in music, cares about global warming, or anything besides his ice and porn. And I doubt little else will be on the minds of the scantily-clad throngs in Rio either.

I appreciate Al's effort, and I don't doubt that the world is in for a great show -- but the emptiness behind this gesture is disappointing. I mean, even the venues selected for the shows are wack -- Having a concert for the environment in China is the most ass-backwards move ever -- the last time I checked China was killing its people with smog and the systematic bulldozing of its forests.

And the reason why the earth is being pummeled is the same reason why there are people dying of hunger in Africa -- because the world doesn't care. And just like Live 8 didn't get us to care about Africa neither will Live Earth get us to buy Priuses, or, in my case, Kanye's next album.


Berdo said...


It certainly does not come as surprise that anything coming from Hollywood these days supposedly supporting an issues is more a function of stylists, publicists, grandstanding and self-righteousness than any real concern. One need only look at how many celebrities consider themselves environmentalists but consume vastly more energy than the plebian masses they advise to buy hybrid cars and turn off their AC.

If truth mattered, rather than what the "in" thing is to say, it would be noted that Bush has directed more funds and resources to Africa than ANY WORLD LEADER EVER. But it's not stylish to speak of Bush as a concerned President who puts his money where his mouth is. It's far more important, apparently, for Hollywood and countless others to bash the administration at every possible opportunity while turning a blind eye to anything that might actually help the causes they claim to be so passionate about.

James said...

It is so disappointing to see how little attention the environment is getting from the government and the candidates running for president. We are a re-active country. We only move when faced with a crisis whether it is the economy in the Carter Administration, AIDS in the Reagan Administration, and terrorism threats in both the Clinton and Bush administrations. In short, events don't hit the radar screen until we're past the point of no return.