Thursday, February 21, 2008

So, Who Wants Change?

Not me. I've seen the Democratic party change from a model of visionary social responsibility to a bunch of bitchy girls in the final stages of cheerleader squad try-outs. Which is why I want to encourage my fellow Americans in Texas and Ohio to think very carefully before casting a vote for a Dem candidate in their state's primaries. Ask yourselves: do I want a friend or do I want a President?

I know the Clintons have made mistakes in the past, but that's no reason to un-invite them to the slumber party. Sure, there was Don't Ask, Don't Tell, there was the unfortunate handling of the Rwanda genocide, there was NAFTA, there was the war in Iraq. But when did the Dems' golden couple stop being the Hope of America and turn into Adolf and Eva?

Stop for a minute and realize that this spectacle makes the Dems look like a bunch of teenie bopper cry babies who are ready to flick off the candidate they once defended so vigorously -- remember Monica-gate? Remember how we all stood by Hillary and applauded her steely resolve to save her marriage and her own political career? Remember how we cried foul because our beloved Bill was being railroaded by a right wing conspiracy? Why, ten years later, are the Dems pointing at the Clintons as the harbingers of evil? When did Bill and Hillary turn into George and Dick?

Ever the well-oiled-machine, the Republicans have found their candidate. Despite the chatter of a few disgruntled pay-for-hate "conservatives" on the Fox News Channel - cuz even Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin are getting tired of bashing Hillary so they've moved on to John McCain - the GOP is on board with McCain's candidacy.

Take a lesson, Dems. The GOP gave us a personality candidate back in 2000 and we're still paying for it. Not that many Americans want to have a beer with W anymore.

The GOP locks into step and promotes a candidate six months before their convention. Meanwhile, us Dems are pitting two exceptional candidates -- who will have to work together once someone is elected, by the way -- against each other. And then you're really in for change - that sweeping Democrat victory from last year will be undone with our bickering and contention and the GOP will once again take over the House and Senate and, Hillary and Obama aside, we'll have to cowtow to right wing policies yet again.


Chris said...

So...I'm confused. Is this post supposed to be evidence that you're *not* one of these "bitchy girls"? And if you're so concerned about unity, why are you calling Obama supporters "teenie bopper cry babies"? At this point in the race, the simple fact is that the delegate math is not in Clinton's favor. She'll have to win Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania by at least 12-15 points each -- and yes, that's still possible. But lashing out bitterly at the opposition isn't helping her, and it's not helping you.

I hope that your latest post isn't in part a response to my comments on your previous post, because I've tried to write reasonable, civil responses to the arguments you've been making. It takes two candidacies to divide a party, and neither candidate is fully responsible for all of the negativity in the air right now. But with this post -- aligning me and other Obama supporters with "Bring It On" and its direct-to-DVD sequels -- you've descended into the very rancor you claim to despise.

Gay Conservative Liberal said...

It doesn't bode well for the Dems if we suddenly demonize the couple we've been rallying for over the past 16 years. No, the math is not in Hillary's favor. People want Barack. Fine. But I'm saying that we're taking an unnecessary gamble on someone who's only given us feel good rhetoric with no experience what's so ever. And I'm also saying that it's hypocritical for us to skewer the Clintons because so many of you are in love with Barack and Michelle.

And don't take the Bring it On analogy personally. I just think it's very juvenile to demonize the Clintons bc there's someone cooler on the block. I'm sticking with Hillary even when I thought I'd never vote for her. I want her in politics, and that's my final answer.