Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They're Coming After Civil Unions Too

The consensus among the well-heeled and educated gays I know is that the California Supreme Court decision to uphold (the discriminatory,hateful) Prop 8 is not worth getting angry about. So, no need to riot or march, just focus on the more progressive states that are doing right by their citizens. Fine, I'm happy to postpone activism for one more cocktail.

But here's the thing kids: the conservative right doesn't care about gay marriage. What they want is the complete anhilation of gay life in this country. Don't believe me? Think I'm being melodramatic? Check out the comment thread on Michelle Malkin's blog post about this latest development on Prop 8. Now that gay marriage has been dashed in the Golden State the hate mongers behind this legislation are gunning to undo civil unions - so what's next?

If you weren't mad before, start re-thinking that:

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Anonymous said...

You will be happy to note that the person elected by the student body as prom queen at Fairfax High in Los Angeles is a man...not a transgender. He's going to wear a suit. He told the student body he was more of a queen than a