Friday, August 06, 2010

Where I've Been: Jersey Shore

Fist-pumping-like-champs, was my weekend on the Jersey Shore. Well, not exactly. I spent Fourth of July weekend with James and his sister Pam in the town of Avon by the Sea. Quaint if not unremarkable and definitely not the guido fest I was expecting. Just a lot of nice, normal-looking families with their kids in floaties and gangly teens milling about being generally well-behaved. In the spirit of spontaneity we decided to book a room at the Days Inn and catch the fireworks in Asbury Park. Why the gays have descended on this housing-project-by-the-sea is beyond me. I don't care how many cheap Victorian houses that town has, I didn't feel safe there and I'm still washing the stench of the Days Inn off my clothes. Anyway it was a trip to the Jersey Shore and the company was top-notch, scabies, hypodermic needles and tacky gays aside, we had a blast. God bless America!

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