Monday, August 14, 2006

The Islamophobia Awards

Check this out: The Islamic Human Rights Commission is looking to honor the next round of "Islamophobes" in December of this year.

"The Islamophobia Awards is an annual event to acknowledge - through satire, revue and comedy - the worst Islamophobes of that year. Centred around a gala dinner, the 'awards' themsleves are both entertaining and raise awarness of a serious and growing prejudice. Real awards are given to those who have battled against Islamophobia - often against enormous odds."

I can't imagine why the world would harbor any prejudice against Muslims, but I am very glad that the same organization that has defended Sharia Law in Nigeria is out to chastise the world community about the proper treatment of things Islam.

Here's what this "progressive" organization had to say in 2003 about the case of Amina Lawal, the Nigerian woman who was sentenced to death by stoning because she bored a child out of wedlock:

Islamic law in the dock
By Roshan Muhammed Salih
Thursday 25 September 2003

Amina Lawal withdrew her confession of adultery. Let's face it, no one really cares about Amina Lawal.

The Nigerian woman who was acquitted of adultery and escaped death by stoning on Thursday has been cynically exploited by those who oppose Islamic law, and those who would exploit it. Christian groups and human rights organisations have used the Lawal case to peddle their anti-Islamic, or Sharia law agenda. And ambitious Nigerian Muslim politicians have vigorously defended the death verdict in order to bolster their own standing.

Worse still, the case’s notoriety has succeeded in demonising Islam in the eyes of the world. Meanwhile, Amina Lawal has been forced to bring up her tiny baby with a death sentence hanging over her head. Burning controversyLawal's death sentence was handed down amid burning controversy over the implementation of Sharia law in 12 northern Nigerian states. Following the moves, thousands of people have been killed in fighting between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria.

First introduced in Zamfara state three years ago, Sharia is now practised, to a greater or a lesser degree, across Nigeria's north, and has exacerbated differences between the predominately Christian south.The world's media has put the spotlight on Sharia punishments such as amputations and death by stoning for transgressions, such as adultery.

But under Sharia law, Kano has also banned prostitution, gambling and the consumption of alcohol. And in Zamfara, single-sex schools and taxis have been introduced.


First of all, the Islamic community has NOTHING to laugh about right now. If they're so concerned with growing prejudice against Muslims then STOP BLOWING UP PLANES, BUILDINGS AND BUSES and STOP CUTTING PEOPLE'S HEADS OFF. As the Danish cartoon debacle showed us, Muslims have no sense of humor, so for the Islamic Human Rights Commission (this moniker makes as much sense as Jews for Jesus, hell, Nazis for Jews) to seek understanding and awareness through satire is in itself laughable.

Second, George Bush is not an Islamophobe. He is so bent over and taking it from the Saudi Royal Family that he might as well pray to Allah, he's already on his knees 5x a day accomodating that terrorist state.

Finally, I want to see a call for entries for 2006 and who these morons are going to nominate. I hope this group is being monitored by Scotland Yard.


Red Tulips said...


Though I disagree re: Bush and the Saudis, as I have said. I don't know how much of Bush's attitude is because of oil money, and how much is because of necessity (ie, the Saudis royal family is better than the wahhabist alternative).

But yeah, the majority of Muslim "civil rights" organizations are run by Islamofascists. See: CAIR, Muslim Council of Britain

There are some actually good organizations, but they are in the minority.


Jason said...

Indeed. I find it worrisome that so many islamic groups have terrorist links, and even more worrisome that these groups have managed to make themselves look legitimate in the public eye.

Berdo said...

Great post, GCL. I wonder, though, how you can have such articulate opinions on the topic of Islamo-fascism and be so anti-every last serious action taken to combat it.