Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You know PEOPLE are dying, right?

I am sick of myself and this blog today.

What's happening in the world is so frightening and disturbing that it seems trite for me to chime in with my own two cents about the bloodshed over faith, money and power.

Regardless of what your own views may be regarding Israel and Lebanon, or whether you're for or against the war in Iraq, we are all casualties of these escalating conflicts. I understand the concept of loyalty and the idea that we have to honor the sacrifice of the young men and women who are fighting our country's battles for us. At the same time, nationalism perverts loyalty and instead of us mourning human pain and loss, we're quick to mitigate the pain of our "enemies" we celebrate burning cities and talk about daily death tolls with less vigor than we would the day's winning lotto numbers.

Case in point, Ann Coulter's take on the war in Lebanon: "Some have argued that Israel's response is disproportionate, which is actually correct: It wasn't nearly strong enough. I know this because there are parts of South Lebanon still standing." This from a "Christian" -- guess the Christian population of Lebanon won't be affected at all once their country is finally leveled.

Then there are recent reports that the massacre at Qana, where women and children were said to be killed during an Israeli air strike are fabricated. Michelle Malkin and other conservative bloggers are calling the Qana deaths a hoax and say that it's just a stunt for the world press mounted by Hezbollah. The argument goes that unfortunately, women and children die in war and Israel has known death forever. True and true. Coulter, Malkin and Schlussel can all clink martinis (or Pabst, most likely) over their glib assessment of world events while real women, do-or-die women on both our armed forces and on the enemy's side do the dirty work of killing each other.

It's so easy, criminally easy, for us bloggers to just rant and opine on issues that mean life and death for so many defenseless people. Yes, the West is under attack, but at the same time war has been a way of life for so many people for far too long -- why do we need a flag to guide our emotions? Why can't we fight for understanding and reasoning? Where are all these deaths going to take us?

A very good friend sent me the following message from his Kaballah group. Now, I'm not endorsing any religion, I'm just saying that this particular message makes sense and is worth considering (hat tip Steve for this):

"Until we learn to cry tears for others only, nothing will change.The teachings and tools of Kabbalah help us eradicate and destroy the self-centered aspect of our being that only allows us to cry for ourselves, both individually and as a particular people of specific faith. When we remove that destructive selfish part, we will have the ability to cry over the pain of our individual neighbors and other nations. With everyone concerned for one another, the hatred and conflict will cease. Paradise will be ours forever. But no one gets it. The result? Wars and bloodshed for 2000 years."

Hard to argue with that, isn't it?

I'm not my usual combative self today. Instead, I'm going to wish for peace. Peace for you, peace for your families and mine, and peace for the men and women and children who are fighting the battles that so many of us talk about from the comfort of our homes and offices and favorite restaurants.

I wish for you, and for myself, love and light.

-- GCL


Brytta said...

Buck up little cowboy. The world is a wretched place, but it is also filled with love and splendor. Only those without a soul are unmoved by the bloodshed, on both sides. But its a tough situation and only those aiming the guns at each other are going to be able to settle it. They can choose war or peace, while the rest of can only hope. It is only when you cease to care should you despair, for yourself and the world.

ThatGayConservative said...

History teaches that peace always follows victory. You won't achieve it by talking or through "diplomacy". It doesn't work that way no matter how good it feels to think that way.
The only way Israel will achieve it is to crush Hezbollah under it's heel.

GayConservativeLiberal said...

Understood TGC but my point is that the death of so many people over a nonsense debate that will probably outlive all of us is just tragic.

Berdo said...

Conservative Liberal -

Loved your post - but must agree with thatgayconservative. I literally tear up whenever I see images of kids dying or women running through their streets looking for their loved ones. I don't care if they're Jewish or Lebanese. The value of human life - and my empathy for others - does not alter one bit if they are Jews, Muslims or Christians.

But that does not stop me from seeing clearly WHY these things are happening. And if the international world can not figure out what's going on (i.e., Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, Hamas, etc. are attempting to make good with the one charter they all share - the eradication of Israel) then I am sorry they can't. Israel can lay down their weapons and they will become a crater in less than a day.

Peace? Peace comes through strength. Sad, but true. And peace takes longer to achieve with radical leftwing apologists for terror (i.e, Chomsky who unabashedly praises Hezbollah, Tariq Ali, Howard Zinn, etc.) constantly defending racism and using their influence to destroy freedom and democracy.

Red Tulips said...

I have to agree with thatgayconservative and berdo.

As i have said on multiple occasions, war is hell. But sometimes it is necessary.

Red Tulips said...

As a side note: must read article aboutt gay Palestinians!

ThatGayConservative said...

but my point is that the death of so many people over a nonsense debate that will probably outlive all of us is just tragic.

So they wet their panties and agree to a "cease fire". That'll make the American douchebags feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It also let's the UN get back to business of making money and raping African children.

Problem is, the only thing a "cease fire" is good for is allowing Hezbollah, Hamas, PLO etc. to regroup, dig more bunkers under mosques and put bigger and better weapons in residential areas. Then when they're ready, they'll start strapping more bombs to their women and children ('cause they ain't got the guts to do it themselves) and start blasting Jews just because the get on a bus or going out for pizza on a Friday night.

If your so worried about "innocent civilians", why not raise hell at the Hezbos for coralling them and not letting them evacuate?
Why not raise hell at them for putting missiles in residential areas and in people's homes?
Why not raise hell at them for not wearing uniforms and dressing like civilians?
Why not raise hell at them for transporting their soldiers in ambulances?

Shall I go on?

The ONLY way there's going to be peace is when Hezbollah and the enemies of Israel are destroyed. May death come quickly to her enemies.

Red Tulips said...


Well, then there won't ever be peace, because there will always be enemies of Israel.

But that said, I happen to believe peace is impossible in my lifetime. I am only hoping for a temporary detante.

Berdo said...

Doesn't often happen, but I have nothing to add at the moment. Thatgayconservative is absolutely correct.

ThatGayConservative said...

I am only hoping for a temporary detante.

That will happen when the Hezbos run out of rockets. Then they'll agree to a cease fire. Everybody will be happy, the libs will spooge themselves, Kofi Annan can take a pay raise out of petty cash and then Hezbollah will start rearming with bigger and better. Not only that, they'll find new neighborhoods to park their missiles and dig more bunkers underneath mosques.