Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Caroline, Fran, GCL?

One of the many disappointments that comes with growing up is realizing that oftentimes the positions of "power" you thought only a select, super-human few could occupy can really be done by any gum-cracking chimp: policeman, PR director, U.S. senator.

While Chicago boils over with serious corruption charges against its Governor, New York is going soft on political scandal, offering up a fight - for now - between Caroline Kennedy and Fran Drescher (she was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens, when her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes...)for Senator Hillary Clinton's soon-to-be vacant seat. I think a Cuomo is also jockeying for the position as well.

Um, OK.

When asked by CNN's Larry King on Monday what makes her a qualified candidate for the senate, Ms. Drescher replied "Well Larry, I'm a survivah, I'm an appointed U.S. ambassadah and I've worked the aisles at the Senate."

I'm sorry, what?

I haven't even bothered to hear what Caroline Kennedy is talking about because I'm more interested in the conversation in Hillary's head, which I hope is going something like this: "I promised myself I wouldn't kill anyone in '09 but homegirl, you're making me go there. First you and your drunk driving uncle stab me in the back in the primaries and now you're trying to fill my shoes, making it seem like anyone can roll out of bed one day, grab some cash, and say they want to be a senator? That's not how I roll."

Can we just bring in someone qualified for the position? This is not a vanity post - a Senator actually has to do a lot of work, especially in these times of economic upset. The Senate appointment would only happen if Hillary is sworn in as Secretary of State, but assuming this goes over without a hitch (thanks to a Dem majority in DC now), there are some big shoes to fill in Albany.

So, who else wants to throw their hat in the ring?

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David said...

My problem with all of this, especially the Caroline Kennedy situation, is the comparisons that her experience is getting with Clinton's. I understand that starting out, Hillary and Caroline probably had/have the same legislative experience. But we as New Yorkers had the opportunity to VOTE for Clinton. She had to run, to campaign, and in essence, prove herself to the public, not just in NYC, but upstate and to the west. Would Kennedy do a good job? Sure, possibly, and maybe even probably. But there is a big difference between appointing someone with minimal experience and electing someone. The media seems to have lost sight of that completely.