Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On Sean Penn and "Milk" : Once Again, I said it First

The Los Angeles Times and The Advocate aren't having any of Sean Penn's dictator-loving ways.

Um, you know who called this out first, right?

In an opinion piece in the latest issue of The Advocate, James Kirchick laments Sean Penn's hoisting on the shoulders of the gay community as some sort hero when his "political activism [in support of Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro], irrespective of his views on gay rights, negates the values for which a movement based upon individual freedom must stand."

To those members of my community who are boycotting theaters whose CEOs donated money to Yes on Prop 8 or restaurants whose owners donated to the same cause, why not direct your ire toward someone who is making millions off the legacy of a gay rights pioneer while paling around with dictators who hate gays AND who advocate the destruction of America?

"The most important film of our time" as some silly gays are calling "Milk," stars an unapologetic America hater who can't lavish enough praise on murderers - read his cover story for The Nation. How convenient that Penn is using his publicity tour for Milk to promote Hugo Chavez' bolivarian revolution.

I'd like to know how many Chelsea queens want to pack up and move to Caracas right now.

Someone PLEASE throw a shoe at Sean Penn and the mindless ilk who, in the name of gay rights, overlook the most obvious trespasses on common sense.

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