Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Episcopal Church votes to curb gay bishops

First of all, what an annoying headline. I can see a bunch of nuns "curbing" some fetishist-bears on Folsom Street.

But I digress.

From Reuters: "The U.S. Episcopal Church, trying to appease an angry and alienated worldwide Anglican community, reversed itself on Wednesday and agreed to try to avoid the consecration of more openly gay bishops."

Sorry, but I can't cry foul here. The Church uses a 2,000 year old manual that unfortunately has some pretty strong words about homosexuality. I can put whatever spin I want on it, but I've decided to live my best life and take the best values of Christianity with me: be nice to everyone, don't lie, don't wear black and brown and there is no such thing as Winter White.

I don't understand why the gay community wants to be a part of a church. Churches have the right to make up whatever criteria for membership they want. Let's stop trying to change their history and start focusing on taking back our future.

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