Friday, June 23, 2006

Through the Wire

Happy Pride Weekend everyone! I'm going to the big parade on Sunday, a few cocktail parties and then the Pier Dance.

So much to be proud of, so much to fight for.

In case you've forgotten, it took a bunch of pissed-off drag queens to jumpstart the gay rights movement. Sadly, 38 years later, the fight continues.

Oh but for the day when we're not labels but just people. Though a "people pride day" would just be, well, gay, it would be nice to not have to demand the basic rights all human beings deserve.

Gay Pride matters because right now some kid is being smashed into a locker because he'd rather be in "Sweeney Todd" than on the football team; a future doctor is going to drop out of college because her parents won't fund their dyke daughter's education; another twentysomething-year-old guy is going to get HIV because he doesn't value himself enough to use a condom.

Need I mention that it's still possible to be gay bashed in the East Village?

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Anonymous said...

Never like Kevin Aviance's show. Even so, I'm glad he is moving on and standing up (along side so many others who continue to fight for our Civil Rights).

Men, that's what it's all about. Civil Rights. Don't forget that as you stand at the pier frying your brains on whatever designer drug is in fashion.