Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shut up, John Kerry!

No wonder the Democrats are being called the "cut and run" party. The new schoolyard monicker for the left couldn't be more appropriate as John Kerry emerges from obscurity to offer a 12 month timeline for the removal of troops from Iraq.

I wasted a vote on Kerry and now I want to throw a shoe at him. He's like the loser chick who didn't get asked to the prom so she heads up the decorating committee just so she can tell herself she matters. John Kerry is a political mess wrapped up in all sorts of ill-fitting sequins and tafetta.

We're stuck in Iraq. It's horrible. Yes, we need to pull out.

But we shouldn't have gone in the first place!

John Kerry supported this war and his flip-flop politics cost the Democrats the election. If he really cares about the American people and our soldiers he'll shut up and get behind a real candidate who not only disapproved of the war but also has a realistic plan to finish the job.

Sidebar: If Kerry wants us out in 12 months where should our soldiers go then? Darfur, anyone?

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