Friday, June 23, 2006

Iraqi Government Declares State of Emergency

Am I a horrible person for finding this headline from the New York Times laughable? Other similarly stupid headlines would read "Mayor of New Orleans Says City is Flooded" or "Two Planes Strike World Trade Center: President Bush."


That Iraq is in a state of emergency is no news. That their "government" has declared a SOE should, however, encourage those who felt this war would help American-ize Iraq. Now their leaders are quick to offer caption-ready snippets to the world press about the goings-on in the country.

"Hello, world, we've declared a state of emergency!"

What's next? A color terror alert chart?

Something else that bugs me about this article is its opening sentence: "The Iraqi government declared a state of emergency in Baghdad after American forces were involved in quelling a firefight in the city's center. "

It leads me to believe that once again American soldiers are being indicted in the court of public opinion. Now, I don't want the Times to become the New York Post, but I want for my favorite newspaper to be above reproach when the likes of Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin scream bloody murder at the MSM (mainstream media) for being anti-war.

Being anti-war does not make me anti-troops. I think these guys, most of whom are my age, are in way over their heads. These poor kids are pawns in an endless and unproductive debate about the future of Iraq, the safety of our country, and America's place in the world as vigilante superpower.

Newspapers should just report the facts and leave the recriminations, blatant or implied, to hack pundits like me.

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