Wednesday, September 03, 2008

All Kinds of Crazy at the RNC

I've never minced words about my love for John McCain, but the bag of crazy he's threatening to bring with him into the White House is too much for me. Watching last night's convention, which CNN anchors all but heckled -- incidentally, could the CNN team look any more bored and pissed off to be at this convention? Anderson Cooper had the uneasiness of a drag queen on the wrong side of a trailer park -- it occurred to me that not only is Laura Bush a lobotomized freak show who sounds like the Shake-n-Bake baby(and I helped!) but George Bush has the panache of a used-car salesman.

George W. Bush teleported to the convention as he was overseeing relief efforts in the Gulf Coast from Washington, so they beamed him up on a screen, in all his grinning, goofy, you-suckers-voted-twice-for-me glory.

Watching this spectacle of angry rhetoric, where the words fear and maverick were used interchangably, where Joe Lieberman nailed the final nail in his political career's coffin, was almost painful. But then I realized these people have been in power for the past 8 years because the American people willed it so and frankly, I don't think they want anything different.

America doesn't want to get excited, it wants to be told what to do. In Laura Bush and Cindy McCain's Xanax-ed stupor many people find comfort, the relief of not having to think, of knowing your man has his finger on the trigger and isn't afraid to pull it.

The narrow gap between McCain and Obama only speaks to that. As the Dems veer to the far left, McCain is going to stay Right where America has been for the past 8 years, and he just might win.

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David said...

The "unbiased" media coverage of this election is beginning to wear thin. While I often agree with what they're saying anyway, it's a bit frustrating to feel as though I'm being force fed an opinion.