Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's Another $700 Billion?

Are we really just another couple of billion dollars away from restoring America's place at the top of world?

As Congress deliberates the possibility of doling out $700 billion in taxpayer money to "save the economy," I wonder if anyone is aware that 200 billion of our dollars are already tied up in saving the U.S. from annihilation? First it was the War on Terror, now it's the War on...reckless CEOs and financial institutions?

What we should be launching a war on is America's diminishing credibility and influence on the world stage. While China, India, Brazil and Russia are seeing their economies grow by leaps and bounds, we're at a standstill. Of course, here in the U.S. you won't see the crippling poverty that you will find in any of these countries for we know wealth, and opportunity, is more fairly distributed here. But the point is that the values that saw us preside over the course of world events in the 20th century are now all but useless. The rules of the game, overseas and at home, are changing and it seems that our industriousness escapes us and our sense of community is gone. In the mad dash for quick profit our leaders have compromised our nation's safety, the environment and our financial stability.

But who knew all of these things have a price tag? Today, for the low cost of $700 billion, you, too, can be proud to be an American again! Now fork over your $2,293share of the bailout and receive a free flag pin for your lapel.

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