Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barack is Not a Terrorist...He's a Gentleman

After watching the thirty-minute schlock fest that was Barack Obama's, sigh, historic multi-million-dollar ad buy last night I realized that I wouldn't mind having him give a State of the Union address. Brace yourselves: I actually like Barack.

It's been fascinating to watch the McCain campaign unravel. The nastiness of their tactics, which I commended for their representation of brass-knuckle politics, has been trumped by Barack's tempered, gentlemanly maneuvering. John McCain's team put out some fun YouTube videos comparing Barack to Paris Hilton and spent the rest of their money on making Sarah Palin look less like a redneck woman (her words, not mine). Barack laughed all the way to a primetime TV spot on all the major networks.

And I love it. Let's just hope the rest of America does, too, and votes accordingly next Tuesday.

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