Thursday, October 02, 2008

Biden: Slick; Palin: Reinvigorating

Last week Kathy Griffin made an interesting point: how crazy is it that at this point in our nation's history the current Presidential race is stuck in a dead heat? By now we should be wanting to root for McCain the underdog, Obama should be killing him in the polls - but no, McCain still has a good shot at the White House!

And so it goes with tonight's debate. According to some Republicans, Palin reinvigorated the McCain ticket. All I heard was a very nice homophobic woman from the middle of nowhere who sounded like she stumbled into a Presidential debate after making a wrong turn at the check out counter at Chico's. She did much better than I expected her to and while I don't want her in the White House, I can't find it in me to hate her either. She was - argh - cute.

Joe Biden was slick, authoritative and comfortable talking about foreign policy, the war, and the economy. But he copped out on gay marriage and that was a huge let down for me. He also lost me on the numbers he cited about I have some homework to do on that.

I'll say Biden won the debate but gosh darn it, Little Sarah Palin didn't fall apart like we hoped she would so now what??


Anonymous said...

Palin reminds me of the character Diana in the television Sci Fi series "V." An alien with a pretty human face that's actually a mask. But when you peal the pretty mask off you find a reptile.


TonkaManOR said...

OK I have to rant. Biden did us a disservice on the gay marriage issue, but who is to say that is how he really feels. Remember he is trying to win an election. If he panders to close to one extreme he turns off one set of voters, to far to the right and again you see where I'm going with this.

Why does the gay community as a group only look at one issue? We need to remember to look at the whole picture. We are our own worst enemy.