Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Being Brilliant: Paul Krugman

Last week I received some great advice: be brilliant. In the throes of me-drama, I was simply told to be my most brilliant self and watch opportunities come my way. How this relates to NY Times columnist and blogger, and as of yesterday, Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman is simple: by being brilliant, he has won the highest distinction in the field of academia. (Feel free to roll your eyes at my statement of the obvious)

The Wall Street Journal captures why I'm so excited about his win: "The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel prize in economics to Paul Krugman, a Princeton University scholar whose groundbreaking study on trade is less known to the public than his withering assessment of the Bush administration."

When I first set out to write this blog a little over two years ago, my main inspiration was to simply say the things that I couldn't otherwise say in polite cubicle company. Though I spend a lot of my day reading the news and doing tons of writing, I ultimately work for someone else and my opinions, really, don't matter. So GCL.com is where GCL gets to be brilliant.

Now, to see a fellow blogger, and more importantly, someone has taken his field of study to prove why we are currently under the worst President in U.S. history, is inspiring. The lesson here, kids, is simple: know what you know, be brilliant, and expect big things.

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