Friday, January 30, 2009

GCL on Chelsea Lately

As I think about how to expand the reach of this blog (posting daily might be a good start but it's just so darn cold out these days), I've decided that my goal for the New Year is to be on the panel of my favorite E! show, Chelsea Lately.

The snappy rapparte between Chelsea and her guests is the best nightcap for yours truly. And the more I see the show, the more I see myself dishing out the vitriol and maybe injecting a little bit of political savvy in the mix.


Let's start a campaign readers (and by readers I mean James, Marce and the Edel-gays) - let's get GCL on Chelsea Lately by the end of '09!!!!!

Maybe I need better demo videos:


David said...

While I do love these videos, you need some sassy commentary, and you need to be wearing fur.

James said...

I think you have a better shot at the Food Network unless you are willing to change your content.

Anonymous said...

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