Monday, January 26, 2009

The Railroading of Sam Adams

Someone has to die for the left-wing media to survive.

It's to be expected that in the hubris of Obama-mania some Democrat is to be strung up the flagpole by the press. And that would be you, Sam Adams, (handsome) mayor of Portland whose resignation has been called for after it was revealed you had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old man back in 2005. See, someone has to die so the left-wing media can continue to brandish its badge of impartiality.

It doesn't hurt that most people would cringe at the thought of a 42-year-old man courting an 18-year-old boy - place that visual in the minds of the public and most people would want to throw holy water at the situation. But this isn't Dateline and I doubt that you, Mr. Adams, are a predator. It seems to me that you met, and developed a sexual relationship, with an astute teen who was volunteering for the city - this wasn't some troubled youth - this kid was out, loud and proud and had scored pillow chat with a man of power.

Readers, think back to whom you were gettin jiggy with it back in your teens and tell me you wouldn't go back in time to trade up to the likes of a powerful politician. The "victim," Beau Breedlove, has spoken out in defense of the Mayor, saying he never felt taken advantage of during their relationship and considered himself an adult at the time.

The issue, according to the press, is that you, Mr. Adams, lied about the relationship to win the office of Mayor and that you encouraged your young paramour to do the same. So The Oregonian runs an indignant editorial clamoring for your head, and the head of the police union wants you to resign as well, as does a local gay publication, Just Out. Nothing stings more than the cold shoulder of self-righteous gays - ouch!

The real issue, however, is that your exploits have become public knowledge at a time when the liberal media has focused all of its cheerleading on one Democrat: President Barack Obama. And that means, Sam Adams, that in any other time post-Bill Clinton you would have counted with breathless support from right-to-privacy activist reporters - however, your shenanigans come at the intersection of History and Change. That's a story no one is going to tire of reading about and you're a buzz kill with your cliched Democrat-who-can't-keep-it-in-his-pants ways.

Still, I think it's terrific that you're standing your ground and refusing to quit. That, too, sells papers and gives the liberal media more time to praise itself for its uncompromising effort to bring light, honesty and chastity to government. Just continue the good fight, continue to generate thousands of words of copy for outraged editors, impregnate a lesbian if you have the time so you can really stick it to the family values camp, and I think all will be fine.


James said...

Sorry to digress, but is this kid really named "Beau Breedlove"? That's the most incredible part of the story....

David said...

I take it from the tone of the post, you're not really surprised at the fall-out, and neither am I, thinking in a post-Monica Lewinski fashion. The media and family values conservatives will claim the issue is "truth" when, in fact, it's all about the relationship.

Personally, and you know me, I frown on the entire situation out of prudish principle, but I'm certainly not one to judge (openly) the "merits" of it. I do find it somewhat hysterical how badly he's being painted... as a lecherous pedophile. Sort of reminds me of the coverage of those darn fundamentalist Mormons busted for taking multiple child brides...

Adam said...

What really stands out for me here is the insane double standard we have for classifying someone as an adult.

A child who brandishes a gun and kills a playmate is immediately upgraded to "adult" for his trial before he understands the true implications of what he has done.

Still, a man just shy of his 18th birthday is treated as a helpless victim even though he can clearly articulate that his decisions were reasoned, responsible and intentional.

While I agree the mayor should stand his ground, he should have probably thought this one through a little more. But I think you get at the bigger, more important point here, DP. The media can't seem to escape their need to vilify the gays.

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to one thing, the sexual behavior of the rich and powerful sells. If there is something kinky or lurid about it in the minds of some, all the better to raise ratings and sell newspapers. Then, like any franchise, you keep it going as long as you can.


ThatGayConservative said...

Interesting. The fact that the kid was 18 didn't matter in the Mark Foley kerfuffle. Liberals play the "the facts don't matter, it's the seriousness of the charge" and are shocked as hell when it comes back to bite them.

Gay Conservative Liberal said...

The issue there, TGC, is that Foley got called out for his hypocrisy. Had he been living openly and promoting equal rights instead of pushing a backwards "conservative" agenda, he'd have been given a pass by the public. Caught with his pants down engaging in behaviors he and his party have denounced is just too good a story to pass up.