Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal, No?

There's an opinion piece in today's USA Today that talks about how the Dems are going to have to re-brand themselves now that they've seized power and won't have W to kick around anymore. It's one thing to be the outsider heckling the cool kids at the party you couldn't get into, but once you're inside the Snow Ball (God I'm watching too much Gossip Girl) it's pretty hard to keep that street cred. So how will the Dems stay real?

According to Jonah Goldberg, editor at large of National Review Online: "...it's worth recalling that Democrats clawed their way back into power by promising to be all things to all people and by hewing to a politics of 'if Bush is for it, we're against it.' Neither of these poses is going to be of much use in power. 'To govern is to choose,' goes the old saying, and the Democrats will have to make choices that will brand it in the minds of voters."

True dat. And with expectations running high that Obama is going to sprinkle magic hope dust over our problems (would be nice if he could assemble a cabinet first - see here and here)the Dems' first order of business is going to be to help everyone come down from the high they've revved the country into and brace themselves for the months ahead. And after that, the business of fixing the economy and ensuring that the Middle East doesn't implode will pretty much take up all of Obama and co's time through 2012.

Yours truly is not expecting a miracle.

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