Monday, March 23, 2009

Build Em' Up, Tear Em' Down

What I love about the post that I'm about to write is that I get to pull a Nelson Muntz on all those people who have accused me about being a wishy-washy Democrat. Yes, I had lots to say about Barack Obama right up until election day, but since then, I've been very supportive of our new leader. But the rest of the "media elite," and those ultra-liberal braggarts in their American Apparel Obama T-shirts who were really just saying :how-cool-am-I-for-voting-for-the-black-guy" well, they're pulling a reverse-GCL.

Check out today's NY Daily News where political reporter Mike Lupica calls out president Obama for being too much of an Every Man with his appearances on the Tonight Show, ESPN and pretty much anywhere else that you're likely to draw an audience of over one person. Lupica, with the headline "Hey President Obama, the campaign is over - forget the popularity contest," calls out the new president for being "overexposed."

Now, y'all know I invented exaggeration, but that last claim is a little much even for me. I mean, the guy is the president of the U.S. - if he were a recluse brainiac holed up in the Oval Office he'd be flogged for being out of touch and for rescinding on his campaign promise of transparent, accessible government.

Meanwhile, chances are your mom is on Twitter right now expressing her opinion about Obama's reference to the Special Olympics regarding his poor bowling game.

This ill-advised comment comes in the middle of that pesky global economic crisis, which is all his fault - and depending on which media you're consuming - a continuation of Bill Clinton's reckless equal opportunity lending.

Describing the experience of living in the presidential bubble, Obama sums up the public scrutiny in terms that ordinary Americans can understand: being president is like being on American Idol, except every is Simon Cowell. At least the man can laugh at himself, and you.