Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Would McCain be Doing a Better Job Right Now?

It's terribly fun to be a Republican these days. Our nation's newly elected democrat president, aka "that one" with a funny last name, seems to be messing up the economy within his first 100 days in office and our country is likely to face another terrorist attack. Bonus!

What I want to know is, would John McCain be doing a better job right now? Which of the nation's endless checklist of problems would the republican candidate have tacked off in his single-task-focused management style? As the country smarts at the thought of AIG doling out bonuses with tax payers' money, would the conservative right have applauded the promotion of capitalism, even in the wake of disaster, had McCain been signing the checks?

Conservatives are staging "tea parties" throughout the country in protest of the Obama administration's stimulus plan. Kudos for the nod to history, but, um, where have these folks been for the past eight years? Did Obama's ascent to the presidency also bring with it the global financial crisis or was trouble brewing (get it?) before? Nevermind the money that has been poured into the war in Iraq or the spend-a-dollar- save-America ethic promoted by George Bush after 9-11, today's economic downturn is all the dems' doing.

How. convenient.

Republicans and conservatives aren't the only people affected by the recession and they're certainly not the only ones who are appalled by the abuses of big government spending and corporate greed. But if they choose to believe that this issue just happened as divine retribution for our country's newly found liberal ways, well then, my friends, you're mistaken. We're all in this together, so buck up and let's let our new president at least try to fix this problem and let's save the recriminations at least until the end of the year.


James said...

This is the time when republicans need to show that they are putting their country before politics. We are in a major financial crisis that could bring us down unless we can shut up and let the man we hired do his job. This is not the time for block and tackle. On a separate note - the cowboy capitalism that got us into this mess in the first place is typically Republican in nature so let's not blame the new guy.

Anonymous said...

There is no comparison to anything concerning the debt Obama has put this country into. There's no room to compare it to a war or anything you can come up with.

Yes, James, I know -- Democrats don't want dissent now that their guy is in office. Because? Because they're totalitarians. I guess having Americans die in a war just wasn't "major" enough for you. Liberals are nothing but filth.