Friday, March 06, 2009

Green sludge in London

Apologies in advance for not embedding links in this post but am on a Blackberry and just spouting, kids, be good boys and girls and look up the stories and vids I suggest below.

Very well. The news of the day here in London is the sludge attack on Lord Mandelson, a member of parliament, by an environmental activist. Homegirl just walked up to the guy and threw green liquid on him in protest over the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport. Know what the cops did? Nothing. Some skinny guy sheepishly shooed her away and said "go away now, come on."

Um. Where the guns at?

Sidebar: Lord Mandelson is gay, which I only found out from a colleague. You know in the States it'd be "Gay Politico Attacked."

Anyway. I'm all about civil disobedience - I wear paisley and plaid with no compunction, afterall. But attacking people just aint right.

In an age when simple gestures can roil countries into war (think of the Mohammed cartoons in Denmark), civility must reign supreme in political debate. I'm surprised that the great Iraq Shoe Debacle didn't result in yet another surge in Iraq.

The slippery slope of fanaticism, while great for headlines and morning news bits, can be a dangerous thing. I don't want this act to set a precedent for assaulting politicians- especially when many Americans have a legitimate reason to worry about the safety of their president.