Saturday, November 25, 2006

Boston University Republicans: Bigotry to End Bigotry

The next generation of Republicans are an ignorant, attention-seeking bunch of racists.

From ABC News: The Boston University Chapter of the College Republicans is starting a $250 scholarship for white students.

"We believe that racial preferences in all their forms are perhaps the worst form of bigotry confronting America today [...] There are plenty of poor, white, academically gifted students who need that money just as much," says Joe Mroszczyk, president of the student group.

The reason I'm writing about this, besides its obvious political relevance, is that BU is my alma mater. And I am deeply offended by this latest development from Bay State Road.

With BU being one of the most expensive schools in the country, I think that it's out of reach for many Americans, regardless of race. However, the school is over 50% white and many of those students are already receiving some sort of financial aid. This "whites only" scholarship is a juvenile, racist prank that undermines the values of a wonderful institution, which also happens to be the place where Martin Luther King Jr. got is PhD.

When I was at BU I was amazed by how easy it was for someone like me, a kid from a working class neighborhood in Brooklyn where a lot of people don't even speak English, to fit in. I didn't see class struggle, I never felt like I stood out, I just felt lucky to be at a great school with some very, very smart people. And a lot of those people, regardless of race, were on financial aid.

I never received any assistance from a Hispanic group (which kinda pisses me off, incidentally, but that's another story) -- instead, BU gave me a very generous package based on grades and my SAT scores and my family's income. Many of my white friends were on a similar program.

This "whites only" scholarship says a lot about the values of the Republican party -- they are divisive, they are racist and xenophobic, and they want the very best that this country has to offer to be limited to a select few so that everyone else can be shipped off to fight their dirty wars around the world.

I think this Joe Mroszczyk person should be expelled and replaced with some nice, smart, liberal kids. And if they happen to be white, so be it.


James said...

I think there are a lot of people in this country who have trouble grasping the principle of providing minority groups with a "step up." Do we really need to remind these idiots that things like minority scholarships and affirmative action are necessary to make up for years and years of discrimination that set these groups back economically and socially? Sure, a lot of white people are poor too, but do these losers at BU not see the irresponsibility of positioning the scholarship as a "whites only" scholarship -- the same verbiage used above water fountains and waiting rooms in the 50s and 60s? I can't imagine these BU Repulicans are making anyone proud -- even most of the people in their own party. Even someone in Condoleeza Rice's or Colin Powel's family got a "step up" somewhere along the line.

Berdo said...

YOu know what, GCL, this post is officially your worst, and your most offensive. What is the matterw with you?

Some Boston University Republican idiots perform a semi-offensive, almost-prank to make a legitimate point and you extrapolate from that that all Republicans are racist and xenophobic? My father is a Republican. He is the most accepting, most tolerant person I'll ever know. There are many of them.

Would it be fair for me to say all liberals are shrill anti-American hypocrites who attack this country at every turn while happily taking in all the benefits that come from the actions they supposedly despise? Should I characterize all liberals as Michael Moore acolytes? Mini-chomsky's?

Your posts were once smart and interesting. That's why I came to this blog. Now they are just partisan blustering. Offensive, FALSE partisan blustering.

GRT said...

A response to race-baiting should be measured, otherwise, "they" win.

Arguing about race obfuscates the more important issue of class. If one is focused on the divisive issue of race, one misses the "end run" about the class inequities which are being built into laws.

Ultimately, race is a phony issue, as DNA research is proving. Let the extremists and their ovine apologists rant about race; keep the focus on the issue more people can identify with: a color blind society with all persons equal under the law.

We all want the same--a life as free from interference as possible.

GCL said...

Unfortunately, Berdo, not all Republicans are as tolerant and accepting as your father. The GOP has made its position very clear on affirmative action: they want to abolish it.

Mind you, my post said the GOP is xenophobic; I didn't say ALL Republicans were. The party can take whatever stand it wants -- my attacks are on these positions, not on individuals.

In the end, GRT sums it up, we all want the best life possible as free from interference as possible. For me, that means making sure everyone has equal access to education and jobs. That is STILL not the case for many people in this country.

Berdo said...


I can't tell if you are bored with me or figure it's beneath you to explain the posts you put up - but this is yet another meek response to a legitimate comment of mine.

Opposing affirmative action doesn't make someone racist. Frankly, most people agree with parts of affirmative action and disagree with others. It's a system badly in need of repair. It is a system that values race above all else - one that is painfully blind to the plight of millions of underprivelaged caucasian kids. They may just be trailer trash to you - and it may not be fashionable to talk about the problem as it relates to caucasians, but it happens to be an immutable fact of contemporary American life that affirmative action does not come close to accomplishing what people think it does.

Amazing that you would excoriate those that support the abolishment of affirmative action (which I don't support) and then close your reply with your very own counterargument: "We all want the same--a life as free from interference as possible."

GCL - what I am trying to argue with my replies is that the neat little picture of American politics you paint often does not reflect the reality. I am aware of your general position. I hear it ad nauseum from everyone in this city, save a few. That alone doesn't make it wrong, but it does create a situation where simply calling Republicans "racist" or Bush an "idiot" will provide you with chorus of nodding heads and you'll never have to defend it... much like you don't in this blog. Making statements like those will provide you endless social points in the uniform political circles that dominate New York. But as a reflection of truth and reality, they are deluded.

You are wrong to say what you say abou the right - even with the evangelist faction of the party. You are wrong to assume that the left is somehow fighting for the little guy more than the right is - it's simply not the case. You are wrong when you say Israel is not worth the trouble becuase a bunch of racists, bloody dicatatorships will cause a problem if we fight on the side of democracy. With the exception of TGC, my guess is that you are self-righteously assured that not only are your opponents wrong, they are bigots to boot. Wrong again.

What I don't get is where this came from. A few months ago when I began reading your blog, I barely agreed with you but your thoughts was so independent-thinking, I thought, "finally a political blog, by a fellow member of the New York gay community no less, that I am actually interested in." But since then you have completely reverted to type, spouting out the same irresponsible bile any one of us can find on any number of blogs.

ThatGayConservative said...

The GOP has made its position very clear on affirmative action: they want to abolish it.

You support privleges based on skin color. THAT, my friend, is racist. BTW, who was the party actively engaged in opposing Civil Rights legislation? Further, I don't recall Ross Barnett, George Wallace etc. to be Republicans. Just ask Sen. Byrd (D,KKK).

Mind you, my post said the GOP is xenophobic

Of course! That explains why the next head of the GOP is HISPANIC. Or how about the AG - Hispanic. Compare that to the lilly white liberals.

Perfectly dumbass post you got there, slick.