Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are Trannies the New Gays?

My GOD it's hard to be special these days. Just when you thought it was enough to be every straight girl's dream date and the envy/secret crush of hetero men, gay men now have to account for the goings-on of the tranny community. Intersex, middlesex, sussex and mangina - oh my!

There was once a time when being gay was kind of cool, outre even. Thanks to Bravo, Sex and the City, and some activism, revealing one's homosexuality, in many circles, is like telling everyone your blood type is O negative. Who the hell cares, right?

Well, just when you thought there was a lull in unnecessary sexual banter at the office, gay men and their female coworkers have something new to talk about besides said gay's sexploits at the gym: trannies. Specifically, men who can have babies.

Call me stupid, a racist, a homophobe, and damn sexy, but I am DISGUSTED by the story of Thomas Beatie, a FTM (female-to-male) tranny in Oregon who is preggers.

Why can't people leave well enough alone? I am so on board with people wanting to live their best life and do them, but do you have to gross everyone else out in the process?

The Advocate
is calling Beatie's story a Labor of Love, I call it regressing the gay rights debate to the whole "is it a choice?" issue. If you can't choose your gender or sexual orientation, can you choose the benefits of gender that suit your whims when you feel like having a baby and sporting a beard?

You can't have a Big Mac AND a Whopper; and so it goes with gender. If you're gonna be a man you can't go using your birth-given vagina when it suits you while trying to out-macho born-men every other day of your life.

Of course, the bigger issue here is the comeback of the tranny from the shadows of the Meat Packing District to the forefront of pop culture. Everything is tranny this, tranny that. In fact, 2008 is gearing up to be the year of the tranny. Which is fine, because the gays could use a respite from being the arbiters of all things sex and style for a few months.

Just don't come crawling back to us when you've had your fill of mangina.


james_boston said...

"Make up your mind and pick a gender?" This coming from a blogger who can't even decide if he's a Conservative or a Liberal.

Anonymous said...

I'm left out of the gender-bender issue, since I know I like men and thats that.
But for those folks who are TG, or TV or CS or whatever I think they should be free to live whatever thyoe of life they think they want to live.

The real issue is those folks who have this pathological need for attention. "Look at me!!--I'm dressed up like Dolly Parton riding on a gay pride float!!" It doesn't really matter what kind of attention they get--Pat Robertson saying that they are the devil's spawn pleases them just as much as having Bravo give them a new reality show. As long as someone is looking at them.