Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Change You Can Believe In

Regardless of your opinion of Hillary Clinton we must all admit this: homegirl is a survivor. And it's that sort of tenacity and 11-th hour galvanizing of the public to break through rhetoric an effect real change that we should want in the White House next January.

Hillary was supposed to skulk away into obscurity after last night but sure enough, the voters in Texas and Ohio thought otherwise. And that's a great thing.

Now, for the sake of the Democratic party - a party I am still deeply disappointed in for their flavor-of-the-month tactics - I hope that Obama will concede defeat and support Hillary's nomination. Let's undo a White House victory by pitting two great Dems against each other for the sake of winning in PA. It's not fair to the party or the people of this country.

And Obama shouldn't skulk away into obscurity either: He called for change and America responded. The GOP is nominating a moderate Republican who most Americans find palatable and a far cry from the fundamentalist Christians the party has put forth in the past few years. The Dems were placing their bets on a black man and a woman for the nation's highest office. So, fait accompli, Barack. His campaign is a watershed moment for the Dems and our nation's history. Years from now we'll look back at American politics at the turn of the century and we'll look at the Dems pre and post Barack Obama. We've certainly changed since 2004 when most of us first heard of the Illinois senator, and I'd say we're all the better because of it.

That places a huge burden on Hillary. Americans are making an intelligent choice by supporting her, but her next battle is for our hearts. Not that she isn't up for the challenge, though. After all, by now it's clear there's nothing homegirl can't do.


Berdo said...


You think McCain is a moderate Republican? If you looked at McCain's record, you wouldn't be calling him a moderate...he is far to the right of Bush. You should check it out for yourself, rather than just taking the media line on it.

Gay Conservative Liberal said...

Good point...let me do my sleuthing. I'm just easily swayed by an appearance on SNL.

Anonymous said...

"I hope that Obama will concede defeat and support Hillary's nomination. Let's undo a White House victory by pitting two great Dems against each other for the sake of winning in PA. It's not fair to the party or the people of this country."

I would think this would apply to Hilary too, since she's the one dragging this shit out. As a gay man, I find this Hilary diva worship among so many gay "progressives" embarassing. The poor suffering Hilary. How she's overcome so much and is still standing, blah, blah, blah. This woman sold her soul to the devil for politics a long time ago. Bill Clinton's administration was a big disappointment to many. I Bill's presidency all too vividly. It was plagued with wrongdoing and scandal almost from day one. Hilary will be bringing this baggage to the White House with her if she wins, and undoubtly create more. Way too much psycho-drama for my taste. The only administrative job had in her husband's administration was health care reform, and she failed miserably. I don't expect she'll be successful again. I'm an Obama supporter, but not because I'm caught up in the Obama craze, or have any illusions about the man or his rhetoric or promises of change (a close examination of his record suggests that he is incapable of ushering in any kind of change I'd like to see. The same for Hilary. They are, after all, mainstream politicians and not radicals), but because I'm sick of the Bushes and the Clintons and the lock they've had on the White House for the past 20 plus year. With the signing of the Iraqi Liberation Act, Bill Clinton set the goundwork for Bush's Iraq invasion, for heaven's sake, which Hilary voted for. The Clintons and the Bushes have screwed things so badly that it's time for a new fuck up in the White house. It usually boils down to the lesser of two evils. Obama is my choice. I've never seen you use the word "great" with regard to Obama. The only thing "great" about Hilary is her great lack of scruples. But people like that tend to win in this world, but usually at great cost. Anyway, neither Hilary or Obama are as progressive as I'd prefer, so we're screwed whoever wins the White House.


James said...

The Republicans have a candidate and the dems continue to focus all their energy on in-fighting. If the Democrats don't get their act together soon, they will miss the boat. The race isn't against Hillary and Obama. And if the Democratic Party doesn't wise up before August, it's going to be too late to win....the REAL election, that is.

Anonymous said...

God what a fucking circus! The democrates know one thing, and that's shooting themselves in the foot. Ralph Nader has done more to change the lives of people's lives for the better than any one of these two putas can ever hope to brag about. I really don't understand the emotionalism people are investing in Obama or Hilary. Neither one are innocent. Though, let's be real, Hilary and her husband have a way heavier and longer trail of dirty laundry than Obama. What morons we Americans are.

Chris said...

What Ben said.

This "homegirl" stuff is really tiresome -- honey, we're not talking about your favorite diva starting her comeback tour in Vegas. We're talking about the Presidency. And all Hillary Clinton's proven is that, like her husband before her, her style of "leadership" is nothing but drama, drama, drama. Of course, that's what so many gay guys like to see -- ooh! Look at her, triumphing over adversity like that! Go, homegirl! -- but the only reason why she needed a "comeback" in Texas in Ohio is because her campaign had become a total disaster. And that was her fault, period. Not the media's. Not Obama's. Hers.

As for Obama surrendering the nomination because he lost primaries for the first time in a month -- dude. The guy's ahead in the popular vote, and he's ahead in delegates. He's probably going to win the majority of the remaining states. So the person who's actually keeping the Democrats from focusing on the Republicans is...Hillary Clinton. Her path to the nomination is far less clear than Obama's. So if you're going to get all concerned about the Democrats clawing each other's eyes out, then I'd suggest you ask "homegirl" to step down before she pulls a 1968 and brings us all down with her.