Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monsters and Black People

If the worst the two contendors for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination can do is call each other lucky and monsters, via their supporters and staffers, then set your snooze alarm for November and just vote for whoever emerges from this PTA-cupcake-sale-election and toss a coin to see who you'll vote for.

Over the weekend Barack's team called Hillary a monster (though she's been called worse and STILL won the Texas and Ohio primaries...) and now one of Hillary's backers, Geraldine Ferraro, has entered the fray. From the Boston Globe:

Ferraro, who backs Hillary Clinton and is raising money for her, was excoriated yesterday by Barack Obama's campaign for suggesting that he wouldn't be a contender if he were a white man or a woman of any color. "He happens to be very lucky who he is," she told a newspaper in California last week. The country, she said, is "caught up in the concept" of the first African-American president.

I couldn't agree more with Ferraro's statement and of course, that makes me a racist, a homophobe and a tranny.(It's the word of the week, bear with me)

Though, I distinctly recall Barack playing up his good fortune at being born in America, of being the product of a unique moment in history where someone of his unique background can even dream of becoming President of the United States during the Texas and Ohio primaries. Click here for the speech he delivered in San Antonio during the Texas primary and scroll to 11:06.

He's lucky when he wants to be just as he's wont to get pissy and offended.

Still, not enough drama for me here. Barack needs to get his people in order and stop them from name-calling and stop them from going to foreign countries to talk down his campaign rhetoric on free trade. In short, they need to get ready for prime time, tighten their foreign policy and stop with the feigned umbrage over a mere statement of fact.

And will someone please dig up a sex tape or pit their opponent in some tranny prostitution ring? Otherwise let's just please spare everyone this slap fighting and nominate Hillary.


Clive Dangerously said...

Lucky to be born here, not lucky to be nominated.

And why would they go ahead and nominate Clinton if Obama is in the lead as far as delegates go?

Chris said...

What Clive said.

You're really losing perspective here -- Ferrarro later said that she's being attacked *because she's white*. That, coupled with her odd observation that Barack Obama is doing so well in the primaries *because he's black*, isn't simply racist but nonsensical (as racism tends to be). Obama himself pointed out that it doesn't make much sense to say that a black guy with a name like his has any kind of obvious advantage in an American Presidential election. Sure, he wouldn't win as much of the Southern black vote if he were white. But at the same time, he'd probably win more of the Southern white vote -- who's to know? It's silly speculation, and it completely glosses over the fact that Clinton walked into this race with a HUGE advantage, and she's lost that advantage -- not because Obama is black, but because her campaign keeps messing up. The victim card just isn't very compelling when it's being played by someone MARRIED TO A FORMER PRESIDENT.

Samantha Power's remark about Clinton was nasty and uncalled for, and she was swiftly and rightfully dismissed. Ferrarro's remark about Obama was an outrageously stupid thing to say, and she's rightfully stepped down from her role in the Clinton campaign. That is as it should be. You obviously want your political battles to be bloody and nasty, which explains in part why you favor Clinton -- she, too, thrives on excessive drama, and she would be perfectly happy to spend her Presidency practicing nothing but the politics of personal destruction. That would no doubt inspire you to new heights of diva-worshipping ecstasy, but for many of us it would signal nothing but at least four more years of Clintonian self-immolation.

Anonymous said...

What Chris said.

Winning, like his heroine Hilary, who I suppose only kryptonite can stop, is all Gay Conservative Liberal seemingly gives a shit about. I suppose it's just as well that Hilary get the nomination. What with Adm. William "Fox" Fallon, the last obstacle to the Bush administration's persistent push for war with Iran, now out of the picture, who the hell wants a perceived peacenik like Obama in the White House. Hello World War III!

We're doomed!


Gay Conservative Liberal said...

Oh stop being so doom and gloom everyone. Ferraro isnt a racist and I'm not hankoring for WWIII. Thanks for the comments

Steve said...

The spin can be placed anyway you want to, and the Obama campaign has decided that once again they will play the racism card. For a campaign that claims to not use race in this contest, the word racist definitely comes up a ton.

In this primary, between a woman and a black man, he most certainly is lucky to be the black man and not the woman. The media has been very easy with him...and would not have been if he were a white man, or a woman of any color. Call me what you will for saying it, but it is the truth. If the media jumped on board with all of the issues with Barack from the beginning I think this would be a very different contest.

I think Clinton came into this contest with a huge lead and the media decided that they would fully embrace the underdog candidate. And in doing so have painted Obama as the saviour and Clinton as the devil.

And Ferraro's comments about being attacked because she is white was tongue in cheek. Before she said this, she said that anytime anyone says anything that pulls Obama's campaign down in any way that person is called a racist. So lets use the argument in the other direction...and it sounds absurd...that was her point that you all clearly missed.