Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Won't Enlist, Don't Ask Me

Congress is going to revisit Don't Ask Don't Tell for the first time since 1993 tomorrow. With recruiting becoming an ever more daunting task for the armed forces, they're now resorting to maybe courting Pink Street.

From USA Today: Democrats in Congress hope to ignite a drive to reverse the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy Wednesday with the first hearing on the subject since 1993, when President Clinton said gays could serve in uniform if they kept quiet about their sexual orientation.

Obama has said he would propose repealing DADT, McCain wants to keep it in place.

I know I should care more about this issue I'm really ambivalent about our military. I hope all of our troops come home safely, of course, but really, I couldn't care less if they want gays or not in the armed forces. And that's because it's a career path that never crossed my radar: flight attendant and fashion designer yes, major league pitcher or war hero...not so much. So, this whole business of the military being anti-gay just makes me want to toil even harder at my PR job - cuz that's where gays belong: in the business of smiling, dialing and cat-fighting.

But if it comes to pass that the closet door is burst open and gay soldiers are going to strut into Baghdad, I do hope the army will consider a few of my recommendations as there are a couple of gays whom I would love to ship the Middle East for an extended tour of duty.


Anonymous said...

I live in San Antonio, Texas, a big military town, so the military is a big deal down here, even with gays. The gay soldiers tend to butch up when on base, and flame out off. What's with that? It's dispiriting to be at a gay party and have your eye on a guy actually in the mlitary and in full militay regalia and he be all limp wrist and sibilantsssssssssssssss! Though I have no doubt of their ferocity in battle.

Gay Conservative Liberal said...

Who knew San Antonio was such a hotbed of suited up 'mos....next vacation spot :-)