Sunday, July 13, 2008

On Miss Universe 2008: Dios Mio, Porque?

Four times. Four friggin times. Four times that Miss Colombia has come in as First Runner Up at the Miss Universe pageant. Second best, replacement hottie if the actual Miss Universe should commit an act of terrorism or pornography.


Some guys cried when the Red Sox won their first World Series in over 80 years, I was bawling when Colombia was yay close to claiming the crown for the first time since 1958. Um, need I remind you that this blog is called GAY Conservative Liberal.

Beauty pageants are a big deal in my parents' homelands. Puerto Rico has a slew of Miss Universes and Colombia is always in the lead in these shows but never seals the deal.

See the video of our upsets in 1992, 1993 and 1994:

But last night's pageant had all the drama yours truly could ax for. My Latinas were in full force claiming four of the final five spots in the pageant - Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and the Dominican Republic said "presente" at the tail end of the show, which struck the right balance of kitsch, glitter, fake tans, air kisses, tears, techno music - in short, guns a-blazin homosexuality.

I'm a sentimental supporter of Miss Colombia but cannot hate on the winner, Miss Venezuela, who was super model gorgeous. Colombia won for personality and style, but Vene's feline allure was too much for the judges, and myself, to ignore.

Felicidades Dayana, felicidades Taliana, and vivan las latinas!!

And, if you were daft enough to miss last night's pageant, view the finale here:

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