Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Legacy Candidate

Interesting article in this month's issue of The Advocate: In an article titled "Supreme Beings," Julie Weisberg explores the impact that the next POTUS can have on the Supreme Court.

While the Justices are to be neutral and provide an unbiased interpretation of the Constitution, we need look no further than the decision to arm all of DC, one of the nation's most dangerous cities, to the teeth, and the court's recent stance on torture, to know where the loyalties of Chief Justice Roberts and his pals Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas lie.

So, as one reader commented on this blog a short while ago, it absolutely matters who you vote for in the next election, especially in the context of Supreme Court appointments.

Which is why, in true flip-flop, fickle-gay-guy form, I'm going to support Barack Obama in November. And said candidate shall heretofore be referred to as Barack Obama, with no intentionally-disparaging reference to his Muslim last name so as to imply that he is a latent fundamentalist Muslim.

All I ask is that Hillary be considered for the Supreme Court.


James said...

I would challenge your term "flip flop." I think your thoughts on Obama have been part of an evolving process and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your honest and forthright re-assessment.

I also commend you for acknowledging the need to support the democratic candidate. A vote for Obama has less to do with the man himself than it does with the future of this country and how many of us will be treated over the next 20 or 30 years.

Any Hillary supporter will get exactly what they DON'T deserve if they vote for McCain. I just hope more people are starting to realize that. The government is a machine; not a single person or some kind of monarchy (even though Bush comes close) and we need to support the party that will give us the rights and treatment we deserve - whoever we are.

Oh - and by the way, after looking back at some of your other posts, I would argue that your endorsement of Obama is more newsworthy than the Gore endorsement!

Anonymous said...

"So, as one reader commented on this blog a short while ago, it absolutely matters who you vote for in the next election, especially in the context of Supreme Court appointments."

I was said reader, GCL. I also said "grow the fuck up." Glad to see you're on your way. Obama ain't perfect. He's already sent many on the far left (whatever that means these days) to fits of apoplexy over FISA and this Wesley Clark business that I don't think most folks give a shit about. He's trying to win an election. He's still the one in the best position to push for progressive goals that most folks really do give a shit about, like healthcare reform, ending the war in Irag, the economy, etc. People keep underestimating him. And, yes, this election is less about Obama and more about the appoinment of Supreme Court justices that will have more impact on our lives than any president. So, even if Obama's speechifying makes you wanna retch, give him your vote, and, if he's as smart as I think he is, he'll give Hillary that seat on the Supreme Court. That would be awesome! We gotta keep our eye on the ball, people!


Anonymous said...

Its Me, anonymous again. I think it should be pointed out that the ONE woman on the supreme court is alone again, and the black man is a white guy. Wall street runs the country, and the Supreme court is bought and paid for with money and the timing of retirements/deaths. Talk about another need for changes like campaign finance reform, gun control, and if the constitution should be changed, perhaps the lifetime appointments of these people should be change. Now there is change we can believe in. You are a good man, you should run for office.