Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You'r Either With Us or Against Us

Thought of the day: If you're not in favor of gay rights, you're a bigot hothead who's one bad day away from a violent rampage.

And that's truth.

Read the news these days and you'll see that the spectre for gays isn't as bright and rosy as one would expect. I fancy myself an informed observer of world events but I hate to say I've fallen asleep at the wheel, spending way too much time pounding maritas and hole punchers and shopping for my next man bag on BlueFly.com.

But the stories won't go away. There is indeed a culture war in this country and the casualties are mounting. This isn't a metaphor. People are actually dying because some Americans think gays are sub-human. It's as if we were waterbugs - few people like stomping on them, but no one makes a fuss when they're killed.

I'm all about playing nice and hoping for the best and giving everyone a chance to grow and learn, but I've made up my mind: people who are on the fence about gay rights, people who don't see this issue as one that needs to be addressed and fixed can click over my blog and go straight to GodHatesFags.com.

The shooting at a Unitarian Church in Tennessee this past Sunday by a man enraged over the church's pro-gay stance, the shooting death of an unarmed man at San Diego's Gay Pride festivities and the death of a gay teen at the hands of another classmate come at a time when Government officials are debating whether or not it's appropriate for openly gay men and women to serve in our armed forces.

To this day the gay community is depicted as a class of sexual miscreants, schemers who are aching to defile everything that is good and pure about America: our military, Christ, Lindsay Lohan.

Check out this video from last week's Congressional hearing on Don't Ask Don't Tell. Elaine Donnelly from the Center for Military Readiness is saying that we risk letting rogue HIV-positive rapists into the armed forces by repealing DADT:

So that gay agenda you keep hearing about...it's an agenda for our survival. If people can cite the Second Amendment in order to stockpile guns, so too can we gays clamor for a place in the military -- how else are we going to defend ourselves?

Don't let Bravo TV and pop culture fool you - the tide can turn so quickly and the same general public that's laughing along with the gays now can call for our heads the minute bread lines start to form and our economy tanks. How do you think the Jews got wiped out in WWII? In the throes of a depression in the States, they'll go after the gays, the immigrants (legal or not), the blacks, the browns, the low-income whites, and then all that will be left are cockroaches, Ann Coulter and Wall-E.

Am an I alarmist drama queen? Sometimes. But I've also heard the words filthy gay man, faggot, puto, and maricon hurled in my direction more times - in the past six months - than I can count. And then there are the headlines. And I wonder: how big is the divide between words and actions?

I don't care to find out.

But I'm not going to take this sitting down.

If fundamentalist neo-Nazis can fund anti-gay legislation, so too can the gays support organizations that have our back. One less round of maritas for me and the donations are going to:

Human Rights Campaign
Hetrick Martin Institute
Gay Men's Health Crisis

I do believe this is war.


ThatGayConservative said...

So what does your donation to "Human Rights" Campaign get you? A ubiquitous "equal" sticker, which would cause you to hear "Marica" more often. Newsletters about their latest cocktail party? Nah. You can get those for free. I do.

Or maybe they take action against countries like Iran for arresting and hanging gay teenagers. Nope. Can't blame America for that and it might hurt Imadipshit's feelings. Can't do that. Besides, he blames America for AIDS and the left would NEVER disagree with anybody who trashes America.

Oh yeah. You're paying for
Joe Solmonese's $260K salary. At least they had the honesty to take "bipartisan" out of their Mission Statement.

Gay Conservative Liberal said...

Wow, TGC, you never cease to amaze me. Let me guess, your spare change is going to team McCain?

My point is that gay-hating right wing groups, who host their own cocktail parties and pay their own leaders handsomely, are well-funded and are keeping the gay rights debate alive.

These folks don't want you to exist, TGC. Yes, Republican, right-leaning you is not welcome in their ranks. Not until you drop that boyfriend of yours and fly straight.

I can't tell you to stop defending those people but I can't believe you'd come swinging at organizations that are out there trying to make this country better for all people. If someone doesnt look out for the little guy, who will? And guess what, TGC, you're the little guy whether you like it or not.

ThatGayConservative said...

Actually, my spare change goes to nobody except my bills.

Your claim is that it's the right groups keeping the gay rights debate alive.

Here's the thing: Don't Ask/Don't Tell came from the democrats. The Defense of Marriage Act - written and signed into law by democrats. The sodomy law in Texas - written and passed into law by democrats.

Howard Dean fired a gay staffer because his partner dared to criticize the DNC.

How about the DNC's Faith in Action initiative with Leah Daughtry?

How about the fact that Bush's position on gay marriage is identical to the positions held by Hopey McChange, Hillary, John F.You Kerry (who served in Vietnam, btw), and almost all of the latest democrat candidates?

So why do gays pour all their cash, votes, love and adoration on democrats? Nobody knows other than "you're supposed to". I'm always told that I'm supposed to vote for democrats apparently by default. I always ask why considering their obvious bigotry. Nobody can really say.

As far as the alleged "human rights" group goes, they exist either to attack and smear Republicans or the United States. They have ZERO or little interest in REAL human rights abuses unless they can tar and feather either for it. Seriously, what has HRC done for you lately?

And the fact is that as a gay man, I get along just fine with Republicans. Nobody cares. However, the same can't be said for being conservative around gays. The gays are the more intolerant. Just ask Bruce & Dan over at GayPatriot. They've worked with Republicans and Republican organizations over the years. They can tell you how intolerant the gay liberals are.

ThatGayConservative said...

Oh and I forgot to mention the bigot homophobes that Hopey McChange surrounds himself with. But you know all that.