Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's SO On

What do you do when your party becomes the laughing stock of the country and your pithy war in Iraq proves you a fool? You start a war somewhere else, stupid!

Watch out North Korea!

From the NYT: The Bush administration sent a direct message to North Korea on Wednesday warning it not to set off a nuclear test, and later declared that the United States “is not going to live with” a nuclear-armed North.

First: I totally agree that North Korea cannot be allowed to pursue a nuclear program.

Second: THIS is a legitimate cause for concern.

Third: The Bush administration is not in a position to threaten anyone anywhere because:

-- Our military prowess is too tangled up in Iraq.
-- The Iraq mission is failing.
-- There is no consensus in America about who our enemy is.
-- The American people are tired of fighting.
-- The money that is being spent to make us safer is just fueling the rancor of everyone, even our "allies" (all oneo of them).
-- One minute it's the culture war and then the next minute it's the war on terror.

For you conspiracy buffs out there, wouldn't it be something if the GOP were coaching the North Koreans on when to threaten us? Soooo interesting that North Korea should plan a nuclear test just weeks before the November elections.

** Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I was sick.


GRT said...

1)Glad you're better.
2)Glad you're posting about something important.

GRT said...

Hmmm. "...something important" referred to the drumbeats of other blogs on Foley's folly. (Sorry, inept writing.)

Thomas said...

Hello, GCL. I discovered your blog from Culture for All and Andrew Sullivan.

I see the N Korea testing thing as hurting Bush, because it shows he went after the wrong enemy. I do see a side possibility of this affecting Pelosi as someone like John Murtha may be considered more apt to tackle poofy-haired dictators that are so ronery they need constant international attention :)