Wednesday, October 11, 2006

LIVE: The Commander In Chief is Responsible

Q. Why not use the military against other threats, like Iran and North Korea?

A. The Commander In Chief must use miliatry force responsibly...diplomacy...each situation must be dealt with differently.

We're dealing with people who maybe don't want peace. It says volumes about a person who signs an agreement with one administration and doesn't honor it with another. It points up the fact that these are dangerous regimes.

We will work within the context of the Six Party Talks. [The] North Korean leader knows our position. [...] We won't attack North Korea, we agree there shouldn't be NUCULAR weapons on the Peninsula.

Passion can only go so far. W is fumbling. WHY AREN'T WE USING MILITARY POWER AGAINST NORTH KOREA? Because they don't have oil there.

Bush can't be accused of having a sophisticated vocab, but he can't be accused of telling the truth either.

What's to stop North Korea from doing business with Al Qaeda? Chavez is rallying the world community in support of Iran and NOBODY is doing anything about that, either.

Face it: In its efforts to make Haliburton and other Bush/Cheney chronies rich, our military and intelligence is tied up fighting a useless war while other regimes plot against us.



GRT said...

Any sentient "Western" person will agree with W that the "Caliphate" would be a disaster for the planet.

What W doesn't seem to grasp is that he is still engaging this enemy "on the cheap." Not enough planning in 2002-03, not enough boots on the ground, insufficient awareness of the Muslim mind-set, etc., etc., all topped off with a near pathological refusal to raise taxes to pay for this war, as well as demand the American people go on a war footing, indicate this President is not serious about his own words.

Too bad. W is right, a Caliphate in the Middle East would be catastrophic. If only he would take actions commensurate with his rhetoric.

Alejandra said...

I'm not clear on why you think it's a good idea to go to war with North Korea.

GayConservativeLiberal said...

Thanks for the comment Alejandra. I don't think war with North Korea will make matters better, I'm just calling out Bush's selective use of diplomacy in the face of real threats versus his use of force to secure his economic interests.

Anonymous said...

Because they don't have oil there.

Yeah? Where is all that oil anyway? You'd think with all the liberal rhetoric that we'd be getting more than 500,000 Bbl/year.

And why don't we go to war with NoKo? China.

Why not Iran? Israel.
However, we are on either side of Iran. Think about that.