Monday, October 09, 2006

LIVE: Bold and Provocative Act

Can someone please get W a speech therapist?

North Korea conducted a NUCLEAR test, not a NUCULAR test.

That said, some strong words, "bold, provocative, Syria, Iran," in an otherwise ineffective speech.

"We're working to confirm North Korea's claims."

ABC News: "The administration needs to reassess and figure out where they're going to go from here."

So scary.


GRT said...

Maybe they're thinking that MAD will work against North Korea as well as it did against the USSR.

But we're safer than ever against terrorists, aren't we? After all, no attacks on our soil for 5 years and 2 months (in 2 days).

Don't panic. Be happy.

TonkaManOR said...

Oh come on...its the republicans. They put the 'Q' in Nuclear. And it started with Shrub's daddy!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please get W a speech therapist?

How did JFK, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter (who served on a nuclear sub), Eisenhower and Ford pronounce nuclear?

RobustoTenor said...

Another favorite Bushism: "Strategizing" isn't a word either. No, it's not. NO, it's NOT. I don't care if you find it on or that infernal wikipedia thing or, for that matter, in any real dictionary. By "real" I mean an actual book, like the paper kind. Remember those? Even though you might find it in a dictionary or, it's nonstandard. "Nonstandard" means "vulgar or substandard--not part of the pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary of the language", and certainly you wouldn't use it when addressing a country as its leader. You will also find "words" like "irregardless", "ain't", and "y'all" in the dictionary as well, but that doesn't mean you should use them when addressing people on national television.

Ok, even if you think "strategizing" really is a perfectly valid word, so is "intrauterine"--that doesn't mean it belongs in polite conversation, no less on national television.

As for "nucular", it's just sad that a man who is leading and representing over a quarter of a billion people (to the rest of the world a lot of the time) can't pronounce the big words properly. I'm truly ashamed and saddened by his unwillingness to stop embarrassing us with his mentally-challenged ways. There's simply no excuse. I find it disrespectful actually.

For more of Bush's idiocy (yes, that's a word), see:

(this last one is truly jaw-dropping)