Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Boycott the Olympics; Send Swimmers to Chelsea

As sure as I am that Barack Obama is the antichrist, I'm also certain that China is a hell pit of human rights and diplomatic transparency. There have been very public misgivings about the International Olympic Committee's decision to host the Olympic games in Beijing for quite some time, but as the games draw near, the movement against the Beijing games has become more angry and more visible.

And with good reason. In a matter of months, China's ruling Communist Party is going to pull off a spectacular PR coup that will use pandas and fireworks to shift the world's attention from their country's deplorable record on human rights and the environment - to name but two of China's faults. This, of course, wouldn't happen if the IOC had any sort of moral compass, but what can you expect from the people that gave Hitler the 1936 games and bemoaned the exclusion of South Africa from the 1972 games because of that nonsense situation called Apartheid?

So, China and the IOC are two evil pigs in a blanket and I absolutely support the boycotting of the games. Besides, I don't plan on being home much in August so they may as well play MASH and 227 on loop on all the networks for all I care.

But this does beg the question: where will all the hot swimmers go? On the off chance that I should need to turn on the TV this summer, it would be nice to see a Michael Phelps dash across the screen in a speedo. Him or some Aussie equivalent will do, but then, if there's no Olympics, where will I get my tighty swimsuit fix? I'd say Ptown or Fire Island but I really dislike gay people these days so I'm planning a connestoga wagon treak through Utah (let's discuss this later, James). So, while China trots out the pandas, I'll make ONE argument in support of the Olympics. See below.

* This last shot isn't from the Olympics, but it's close - it's from my fav movie, Swimfan.

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James said...

Actually, the boys in Utah are as cute as the boys in your swim pics, so we should definitely plan on taking that wagon trek....