Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's the Point of Being a Democrat?

Three must-do's for the week:

Number 1: Read John Heilemann's cover story for New York Magazine: "Is John McCain Bob Dole?"

The more important question Heilemann asks, however, is about the relevance of the Democratic Party in the event that a Republican were to win this election.

"If you can’t beat a guy like this [McCain] in a year like this, with a vastly unpopular Republican war still ongoing and a Republican recession looming, what precisely is the point of you?"

My sentiments exactly. If the Dems want to be the Personality Party they should have sent out Howard Dean for another shot at the Oval Office. Remember all the youngins he inspired back in 2000 all the way through a spectacular breakdown that ended his campaign in less time than it takes to hock beer during the Super Bowl?

It doesn't seem like it. Barack is one false move away from rendering a November election redundant and McCain will just hobble on in to the White House at the end of the summer to start dropping off his winter coats.

But the Dems love an impossible dream, that's why they're still talking about pulling out of Iraq (not.gonna.happen.)and universal healthcare (not all Americans think access to healthcare is a human right, sad as that may be). That's why, in Bizarre-O Dem World, B. Hussein Obama is our party's ONLY shot at undoing eight years of Republican leadership. That our party lacks any basic appreciation of irony or historical context is very disappointing, but on this, and so many issues, the Dems have just got it wrong, wrong, wrong.

But don't take my word for it...

Number 2: Stay in tonight and tomorrow night, pour yourself some Hypnotiq and champagne and catch up with the John Adams series on HBO. Despite the blunders of our current government, I'm convinced we have the best government in the world. The foundation of the United States is the product of a unique moment in history and this miniseries captures the drama and severity of the Revolutionary era with stunning detail, superb dialogue and brilliant performances.

Number 3: Buy Mimi's new album E=MC2, download it to your iPod, and take a run along the Hudson River this glorious weekend. The album of the summer is out, touch my body, and things of that nature.


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I read that article. I think I will become a hermit.