Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It All Comes Down to This

Twenty-one debates later, after embellished tales of sniper fire and calls for the destruction of America, the Democrats have one last chance, tonight, to become the party that wins the White House in November.

Those odds would be greater if Hillary Clinton finally won the party's nomination.

And while it's important for the Dems to nominate the most qualified candidate for the November elections, it's equally important for the bickering and in-fighting to end as of tonight. Whoever comes out on top in PA tonight should be declared the Democrats' nominee and the runner-up should concede defeat.

Not even the Kerry/Bush election of '04 riled up the public this much. That's because no one in their right mind saw America giving W another chance - the Dems took the election for granted and look where that got us.

Today the Dems are in a similar position. If you think John McCain, with his elder-foibles and aw-shucks demeanor can't creep into the White House, think again. People don't hate McCain the way they do Hillary or Barack. And in some ways, the Dems have undone the candidtates themselves. They've allowed turned the candidates into prize fighters and now everyone wants to see blood.

All of that has to stop tonight.

The Dems have one last chance, tonight, to be the party of change. Let's stop being the party that can't ever get its act straight - the hemming and hawing has cost us two elections. Let's support the candidate that was an integral part of the ONLY Democrat Presidency Americans in their 20s have ever known.

You want to know why I'm such a conservative (at times)? I've lived 20 years under Republican rule. Show me better.

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