Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mariah and GCL Belong Together

After a very strong lobbying effort in the office last week, my boss gave me the gift of a lifetime by letting me participate in an event with Mariah Carey this past Friday at the Empire State Building.

The building was lit up in Mimi's fav colors: white, lavender and purple, in honor of her achievement as the biggest selling recording artist in history. Sidebar: This is another reason why homegirl is such a gay icon - who else would light up the most famous building in the world in pink, lavender and white?

Anyway, yours truly was on hand to capture the not-so-secret rendez vous on film for You Tube (You Tube). Mimi looked phenomenal, statuesque and radiant from achieving yet another career milestone - I was flush, exhausted and delirious following the prolonged encounter. It was one thing to see her up close, it was a completely different story to trail behind her and listen to her purr at her assistants and other members of her entourage.

I'm just that much closer to becoming a member of said entourage.


Furry Lobster said...

Oh my God! It just doesn't seem right that no one has yet posted a comment on this memorable event! How cool is it to have met one of your idols -- the Barbra of the 20 somethings!

adam p said...
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adam p said...

at second MC clip ... who's the genius who didn't realize that he was shooting sideways for 20 seconds? oh wait. sorry about that ;o)