Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary: "No Decisions Tonight"

CNN says Obama has sealed the Dems' nomination. And so the people have spoken.

Hillary, however, isn't conceding defeat tonight.

Not because she's stubborn or arrogant. Not because she doesn't know that this campaign is over. Hillary isn't conceding defeat because this isn't the first time she's been hung out to dry by the media, by the Dems, even yours truly. And each and every time she's come out on top.

"On top," though, isn't going to mean a nomination in Denver. "On top," for Hillary, will be for the ages to vindicate what has been a life-long commitment to the service of the American people. Because where Hillary sits now is hardly a place of glory, but of beat up martyrdom. And short of cowering in defeat, she's just weighing her options. She may not have a place in Denver, but she has a place in the next chapter of our nation's history.

And kudos to B.Hussein Obama for acknowledging that. I actually liked his speech tonight. As a man of color myself, I applaud his win. It's historic, it's exciting. Let's hope it inspires many more people of color to take ownership of their role in the next chapter of our nation's history. It certainly makes me believe that anything is possible in this country.

And my fav part of the evening? Hillary's closing track after her speech here in New York. When I go out, you can play this song, too, y'all. Simply The Best.

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