Monday, June 02, 2008

This Old Studio

Now that gays are almost allowed to get married in New York, I think it's time for me to put a steak in the ground and turn the studio that James and I call home into our show piece. (You so thought that steak in the ground reference was going somewhere salty, didn't you?)

Anyway, here are our current digs:

It's nice, woodsy, sturdy, masculine, it's James. With a bit of a twist, hence the swirls on the couch (and, yes, the peonies).

But four years into our relationship, some jewelry and a beautiful man bag I call Baby Gucci, the next chapter of our life together will be marked by pursuits domestic. Like Marie Antoinette, Scarlett O'Hara and Jackie O, I'm turning this house inside out and making it scream ME. I mean, US (but emphasis on ME).

Here are some points of reference for this project, which will have to fit into our summer schedule. James, Ol' Penny-Pinch, as I like to call him, is trying to put a budget on our vision. Pish posh, I say. Did the pharaohs put a budget on the pyramids?

From Versailles:

And some concepts from my new bible, Domino magazine:

I like the simple gray with emphasis on texture and the illusion of high ceilings. However, it looks like the showroom for some cookie-cutter condo. Which, sadly, I like.

I like the metallic, blinding white quality of this room with sketchy lines and crumpled shapes. And I've always wanted a Louis XVI chair...

This is more James' color palette but a layout that I could live with. It's a little too Bessie the cow for me, but the butterscotch hues will offset the sticker shock for my beloved.

This is way minimal for me but I like the balance of large pieces against smaller ones. And I like breaking up white with a splash of hot pink.
I know, I know, we're lucky to have an affordable apartment in Manhattan and we should save our pennies to buy a place once the real estate bubble bursts. But when the hell is that going to happen? Unlike premium denim, a classic six can't be found in the bargain basement, so it's either make do or hope for the best. Fortunately, unlike a classic six, many of the items in these concepts can be found in a bargain basement.

Let the games begin.