Monday, June 16, 2008

Memories, Light the Corners of My Mind

Back in the day, New York City, 1998...

Sometimes the past just happens to you. You're living your life and going about the business of aspiration when suddenly you're confronted with the people and memories you'd stopped thinking about for years.

This past weekend I celebrated my ten year high school reunion and the wedding of a good friend from college.

Following a convocation on Facebook, several LaG alumn gathered over drinks at Chelsea alterna-pub Half King. Old jokes hadn't stopped being funny, and, for all the awkwardness that can mark one's adolescence, the conversations with people I hadn't seen in a decade was pretty natural. Of course, my classmates and I didn't have a typical high school experience, we went to LaGuardia High School, the arts high school at Lincoln Center, where the cost of entry wasn't fabulosity but talent. So we'll always have something to talk about, no matter how much time goes by.

If you look at the pic above you'll see yours truly in a tuxedo with a lovely young lady in a blue dress, that's my prom date, Conde Nast Traveler editorBeata Loyfman and I in 1998, and this past weekend at Half King. And there's me, in the middle, with Yael Kohen, an editor at Marie Claire. Yael and I not only went to LaG together, but we wound up on the same study abroad program in Paris. A few years later Miss Kohen facillitated my New York Magazine debut.

You'll also notice on the bottom left that back in my church-going, pre-pubescent days, I was a few hairs away from having a terrorist uni-brow. My homegirl Jessica and I have since been to Belize, Brazil and Staten Island, cuz we stay goin' places.

Speaking of goin' places, I also went up to Boston, home to my alma mater, Boston University, to attend a dear friend's wedding.

The highlight of the evening: revisiting my college photo shoot days with two of my best girl friends. Every day was a photo opp, including September 12, 2001, when after not knowing what to do with ourselves, we just started snapping pictures across campus. So you'll see on the bottom left of the pics below the three of us assembled a-la-Dawson's Creek on a tree. And then, on the right, as adults, with one of us a-married.

I wonder who's next.


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