Saturday, June 14, 2008

In the (Man) Bag

Every so often I come across posts where bloggers spill the contents of their bags and post a pic of said contents on the Web. Well, my bag is more fabulous than any other lame-o blogger, so here's the stuff that I carry with me on the daily (well, between gym days, that's another post).

Anyway, yours truly can't live without his i-Pod (it's strut music both on my to work and on my way home); Altoids, and, duh, his wallet. I'm reading Under the Banner of Heaven these days and hoping that Mitt Romney doesn't wind up on the VP ticket -- there's not that much I can read on the 2 minute subway ride to work in the mornings, but I'm a firm believer in osmosis.

And yes, a blackberry, because, as we all know, managing people is so hard.

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